How to Cope With Being Single When You Don't Want to Be

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You see them everywhere you go. They’re the happy couples walking hand in hand, and laughing as they come out of the grocery store. You watch them in rom-com movies, overcoming great odds to be together because love always prevails. All around there are stories of couples where everyone has a happy ending. Everyone except for you.

Your single or divorced and you've never known true love. You are the forgotten ones, the ones who had bad luck finding someone. Whatever your reality, there are ways to make this lonely time more bearable.

Most couples aren’t as happy as they appear

Many couples love to put on a show for the friends of their romantic bliss. They'll post romantic, smiling photos of themselves in beautiful places all over social media. The truth is their lives are anything but happy behind that computer screen.

Bragging about their perfect love all over social media makes them feel better, but can make you want to scream. Stop following and viewing their pages and realize that most of what you see about them is fake news.

Work on yourself

It's time to work on your own self-improvement routine. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you will eventually attract the partner you want.

Now’s the time to lose those pounds you don’t want, take online courses in careers you’re interested in, and finish that novel you’ve been telling people you’ve been writing for 2 years. Once you gain some new skills, you will feel better about yourself and be too busy focusing on your new interests, to be dwelling on how much it sucks that you’re not in a relationship.

Explore your creativity

Yes, you are sad that you’re alone. But what better time to sit down and write a song about it? Adele and Taylor Swift have numerous hit songs about romantic rejection.

Now is the time to journal about your life — the good and the bad. Writing about problems could be therapeutic.

You can do other interesting activities like learning to crochet or knit and creating beautiful scarves, sweaters, hats, and afghans.

If you have artistic talent, you can create some cool paintings, and then adorn your home with them.

Spend time with family

There's nothing like family around you to lift your spirits. You can all agree to quarantine and be tested, then get together with your siblings and cousins to bake cookies and cook a meal and play board games. You’ll have fun listening to family stories and catching up with each other. The activities will keep you so busy you won’t have time to feel alone.

Make sure these are family members you like. The last thing you want is some judgemental relative shaming you because you’re single.

Video calls with friends

You can have fun with your friends even when stuck at home and limited to video chats. You can all watch a show on Netflix together, or play interactive video games. You can call another single friend to cheer you up.

If you can’t cope with the sadness of being alone, you can have therapy sessions with a professional on a video call.

Care for a pet

Feeling down? Pets are amazing companions when you’re lonely. They love you unconditionally. They snuggle with you when you’re watching your favorite shows.

You’ll feel less lonely caring for them, and their silly antics will often make you laugh. And they won’t care if you’re laying around in your pajamas stuffing your face with potato chips.

Go away for the weekend

Treat yourself to a mini-vacation to a secluded vacation spot where you can safely social distance. The change of scenery will make you feel better. New experiences are great for a lonely heart. You just might meet your special someone there, when you least expect it.

Take a nature walk

Take a beautiful walk out into the world, weather permitting, and look at the beautiful flowers. If you can’t get outside, hop on some home gym equipment and give yourself a workout. Spend time lifting weights and building muscles. Exercising releases endorphins, which will lift your mood. You’ll feel better about yourself in no time. When you're in better shape, it will make you feel like an attractive person. Then you will attract your love into your life.

Try online dating

It's a good time to try online dating. Taking action about your non-existent love life will empower you. Instead of feeling like a broken victim, put yourself out there in the dating world. You may meet the love of your life.

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