7 Practical Reasons to Get a Cat

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They protect your house from mice

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that your cat is patrolling your home every night. Cats can easily ward off mice and other pests that are trying to enter your home. The rodent will smell your cat, and back off.

Cats will look behind your stove, and refrigerator routinely at any possible entry points.

One day my cat came to find me. He meowed at me repeatedly, then ran into the kitchen, looking over his shoulder to make sure I was following him. He led me into the kitchen where he started sniffing at a place beneath the cabinets. Then he started hissing loudly. I looked under the cabinet at the spot where he was hissing and there was a great big hole – an easy spot where a mouse could get in. Who says cats aren’t smart?

Cats also have been known to kill flying insects in the home. I once had a cat that caught a yellow jacket for me. He attempted to swallow it and was stung in the process. Thank goodness he was okay. I am eternally grateful to that brave cat.

They are low maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to be walked every day. While people have to go outside and walk the dog at night in the cold – the cat owner sleeps peacefully in their cozy bed.

All you need is a plate full of food, a bowl of clean water, some toys, and a litter box, and your cat is happy.

They do like to play and will meow a lot when bored, so be sure to play with them. Otherwise, they’ll be climbing all over your laptop while you work.


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Their purring calms you

Cats love to snuggle with their owners. There’s nothing more calming than a purring cat beside you. Something about that purr lures people to sleep. Cats can have a calming influence on their owners.

In a ten-year study of over 4000 people by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute, researchers discovered that cats reduce their owner’s risk of heart attack by 30 percent.

They make you laugh

Let’s face it, cats can be silly creatures. They love to play with toys, chase flickering light on walls, and do flips in the air trying to swat at the toy your swinging around. They will dive on a paper bag, and swat at the toilet paper roll to watch it spin around. They will keep you entertained on your darkest of days.

There’s nothing funnier than a cat racing around your house, pouncing on invisible enemies. They will make you laugh on your most depressing day.


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They keep themselves clean

Unless a cat is old and sick, they love to keep themselves clean. They love nothing more than to lay in a sunbeam and clean their fur with their tongue. They will wipe their paws when they jump out of the litter box. Cats dislike filthy litterboxes, so always keep it scooped.

They enjoy cleaning other cats in their home.

Cats love it when you brush their hair.

They have saved lives

There are countless stories all over the news about cats who have saved their owners from fires and even predators.

One of my cats saved our other cat, by coming up to us and meowing intensely. Then he led us to a closed basement door, where our other cat had been accidentally locked in for hours. He kept meowing at the door until we opened it and found his friend.


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They protect against allergies

The National Institutes of Health released a study in 2002 that shows children who were less than a year old that was exposed to a cat, were less likely to develop pet allergies, as well as other allergies such as ragweed, dust mites, and grass.


They don’t cost much

Cats don’t eat too much, and the cost of feeding them is not that high. They also don’t need much except for their dishes, litter box, food, water and toys, and an occasional trip to the vet. Pet sitting costs less because they don’t need to be walked.

So why get a dog, when you can get an amazing cat!

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