Why Cats Are Superior to People

L.A. Strucke

It's not the other way around


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As humans, we’re supposed to be the smart ones. Most humans believe that our pets are inferior to us. Yet I beg to differ. I believe someday the world will acknowledge that the domestic cat is far superior to human beings.

I’m the human who has to get up in the morning and rush around the house getting ready. I have to shower, put on coordinating outfits, wear makeup and control the frizz in my hair, or risk disapproval from other women. Then I cook breakfast, wash the dishes, feed the cat, and rush out the door – many times in an ice storm.

My cat awakens when he feels like it, lazily stretches, and daintily nibbles the food I served in his bowl. Then he swats a toy around the room for a little while, and then yawns and heads back to bed for a long winter slumber.

While I slave away at work, he snuggles into the blankets watching the shadows flickering on the wall. Sometimes he makes bird sounds and attacks them.

While I am rushing home, grabbing groceries, rifling through the mail, paying bills, and arranging an appointment for my car repair, my cat is staring out the window, swishing his tail. He loves to sniff the air when the window’s open.

While I am preparing dinner, scrubbing dishes, and vacuuming the carpets, my dear cat is chasing the vacuum and dashing around the house like a lunatic.

While I’m out running errands, hurrying home and washing loads of laundry, and getting lunch ready for tomorrow, my silly cat is snoozing on his back on my fluffy pillow with his paws in the air.

There’s something wrong with this reality. Aren’t we supposed to be the smart ones?

Why do we humans have to work all day to buy them food and pay their vet bills? Why do we have to scoop out their litter box every day? Because we’re the superior ones, correct?

Our cats are laughing all the way to the food bowl.

While we are working all day, putting out the trash, and wishing for a day of peace – they are lounging in a sunbeam on the kitchen floor. They’re rolling around with a catnip mouse

On occasion, he earns his keep by attacking a buzzing fly or patrolling the house for predators that are attempting to sneak into our home. But most of the time he doesn’t because it stresses him out. And when he’s stressed, he likes to shred the toilet paper.

If they want food or some playtime, all they have to do is walk up to us and meow. We will drop everything and take care of them.

And if our cats want to snuggle, all they have to do is leap up on our laps. We are required to interrupt our work so they can get their daily catnap. And we won’t dare to move until the cat is awake. Even if our bladder is ready to explode. The cat comes first.

And our sweet little cat is sleeping on our pillow, we will sleep without one because we will never disturb their peaceful slumber. We can’t resist that cute little furry face snoozing on our pillow.


Photo by Iz & Phil on Unsplash

We must keep the cat comfortable no matter what. It doesn’t matter if we develop a crick in our neck, or numb arms or legs, and we’re stuck all night in the most uncomfortable pose. We must not disturb the cat. Our furry friend’s comfort will always come first!

We spend our hard-earned money buying them toys. Yet, no one’s bringing us special toys to play with. We don’t get gifts; we only get aggravation.

No one pets us and brushes our hair as we’re watching TV. Yet we do that for cats all the time while they purr in contentment. It sounds like they’re the ones with a comfortable life. And they’re definitely the smarter ones.

We allow them to hurt us with their scratches and yet, we still treat them like kings. We let them get anyway with way more than any human being ever would.

It makes me wonder why people think they’re smarter than animals. If we were smarter, we would be the ones being treated like we were royalty every day, not a servant.

And that's why cats are superior to people.

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