9 Signs They're a Mentally Strong Person

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How they stand out from others


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Have you met a confident person with a lot of positive energy who is successful in life? Do you wonder how they made it there? They likely have the winning traits of a mentally strong person.

They keep their emotions in check

The mentally strong know that an emotional reaction when something first happens is usually not the best one. They look at each situation that arises, step away and think about what to do logically. They wouldn’t ever think of sending an email to someone in a fit of anger. They know that they would later regret it, so they don’t press that send button.

If they are upset about something, they will wait until they calm down, and then plan how they will respond logically. They will look at all sides of an argument and then come to a rational conclusion.

They won’t make major life decisions that will impact the rest of their lives on emotion. They will list all the pros and cons and then arrive at a decision. They always have a plan B.

They don’t get upset about things out of their control

Mentally strong people don’t waste their time getting upset over things they have no control over. They know it’s just a waste of energy. They know no matter how much you obsess over things, you can’t change them. They learn to accept these things they can’t control and move forward.

There are many things in life we have no control of. We can’t control the weather, or what other people do. We can only control our own actions or how we react to a problem.

If your partner is an alcoholic, you can’t stop him from taking a drink. You can send them to rehab, remove all the alcohol from the home, go to Al-Anon meetings and encourage them to quit their habit, but ultimately they are the one who decides whether to drink.

You can’t control someone else. You only can control how you react to them, or if you decide to keep them in your life.

They go with the flow in life

When someone is mentally strong they know how to deal with change, and go with the flow.

They realize that everything changes in life and nothing stays the same. Some things are out of our control.

They deal with the change and put their plan B into effect.

"When we change, the world changes." - Daisaku Ikeda

Many embrace change, and know that often it’s a door opening into a better future.

They face their fears

Mentally strong people have fears just like the rest of us, but they’ve learned to face them. They know, when you face your fears, you overcome them and grow to be a stronger person.

Often when we face our fears, we move into a new exciting time in our life. Opportunities come to us because we faced our fear.

For example, a woman feared flying. She would think of numerous reasons not to fly. But one day she realized she wouldn’t get to spend valuable time with her daughter who lived thousands of miles away. So she braved her fear, got on the airplane, and flew out to see her daughter. It was a wonderful trip to a place she dreamed of all her life. And the best part was the memories that she’ll remember forever of times she spent with her daughter.

They don't take things personally

When someone does something offensive to them, mentally strong people don’t take it personally. They realize that it is more about the person who did it, and not about them.

For example, if someone is in a bad mood, and scowling when they’re walking by, a weak person would spend the rest of the day worried that the person was angry with them. Not a mentally strong person. They would think the other person is having a bad day. They would never automatically jump to conclusions and make it about them.

They don’t live to please others

Mentally strong people realize that their life is in their own capable hands. They would never diminish themselves and make their life about another person.

While a weak person would lose themselves in another person, that’s not the case for the mentally strong. They can love others but keep their own identity. They know their value.

They don’t blame others and will take responsibility for their own actions.

They would never let someone abuse them, and play the victim. They know they have the power to walk away from toxic people.

They learn from mistakes in life

Mentally strong people make mistakes just like everyone else, but the difference is that they learn from their mistakes.

Albert Einstein said it well when he said,

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results.”

Mentally strong people have learned that lesson already. They learn the painful truth and move on. They don’t stay stuck in the past.

They focus on their goals and dreams

One of their strong traits is their focus. The mentally strong set goals and work hard to achieve them. They are so busy setting positive goals that they have no time to dwell in negativity. They are productive, optimistic, yet realistic.

They don’t expect immediate results when they start a business and know how to be persistent and overcome obstacles. They are willing to put in the work to get what they want and are willing to delay their gratification.

They don’t waste energy on negativity or gossip

Mentally strong people don’t like to gossip about others. They are too busy being productive and working towards all their goals. They are not interested in spreading rumors or negativity about people or engaging in petty conversation.

They enjoy learning new skills and discussing ideas with like-minded people. They simply don’t have time or the inclination to tear down other people. On the contrary, they like building others up. They are not threatened by competition because they know their worth.


If you have many of these traits, then you have the tools you need to be a successful person. If you don't, you can acquire them to get the life you want and become mentally strong.

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