8 Signs You're Involved With a Toxic Person

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How do you feel when you're with them?


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You’ve started a new relationship with the partner of your dreams. You can’t believe how lucky you are that this gorgeous human has chosen to be with you. And then - you encounter their dark side. Here are 8 signs that you’re involved with a toxic person.

They're chronically in a bad mood.

You come over to their house feeling amazing, and within ten minutes this soul-sucking person has ruined your day.

It could be for any reason. They woke up and It was raining. They don’t feel well (every single day.) They’re angry their team lost. You arrived ten minutes late, or ten minutes early. No matter what you do, nothing makes them happy. You could bring them flowers and they’ll complain they’re the wrong kind. You’ll buy them a car, and it was the wrong model.

They’re angry about the election, the pandemic, and that they have to get up in the morning.

Nothing pleases these people.

You’ll crack a joke and they won’t smile. They’ve forgotten how to smile. They are all clouds, doom, and gloom. A few minutes of being in their presence will ruin your entire day. And if they ruin your day, that will be the only time you'll see them happy.

After a while you’ll wonder, why am I with this person? Do I really want to be with a pessimist for the rest of my days?

The answer will be simple - no.

They’re selfish.

Unfortunately for you, your partner only cares about themselves. They make daily decisions about what will be good for them, but never include you in the picture.

When they bring home food, it’s always their favorites. They never ask what you want. They insist on decorating the house their way, watching movies they want to see, and getting the pet that they want. They never even bother to ask you what breed you wanted or if you even wanted to get a pet.

They'll get a new job and never even discuss it with you. They’ll tell you you’re both relocating without ever considering your feelings.

They have no interest in hanging around with your friends or doing anything you want to do. It’s always about them.

On special occasions, you give them thoughtful gifts, and they've completely forgotten that it was a special day. You'll get nothing.

Being with a selfish person will get old real fast.

They’re Critical, Jealous, and Judgmental.

Every day you get to hear them criticize everyone in their life including you. They’re secretly jealous of people but they would never admit it. They just spend all their time criticizing others, like they are far above other people.

They’ll pick on a waitress and complain about the food, the service, and how she spoke to them. They’ll tell you how their friend thinks they can play guitar but they suck. They think they're smarter than everyone else.

They’ll judge people around them if they have different beliefs or they're from a different culture.

They’ll criticize what you wear, how you clean up the house and compare you unfavorably to others.

It's exhausting being with a critical person.

They are always right, and you are wrong.

Its their way or the highway. No matter what topic you discuss with them, you are always wrong. They know everything. They are always right.

You could spout out facts for hours and they will disagree with everything you say, insisting you don’t know anything. You could be a Ph.D., but they’re still right. You are always wrong.

It’s a miracle you ever made it through life, according to them. Without them, you are nothing.

Soon you will be deciding the right time to leave them.

They never apologize for anything.

They put a dent in your car, and can’t understand why you are upset with them. It’s just a little dent. Who cares if the car was brand new?

They said rude things about you to people, and embarrassed you but they will never apologize. They insist you are making a big deal out of nothing.

They sent all your money to their brother, but you should definitely not be angry about it.

Everything wrong in your relationship is all your fault. They had no part in it. They’re perfect – really.

It won’t matter if you’re hurt or broken. They will never apologize.

One day you’ll realize that you’re not sorry for leaving them.

They lie and they’re dishonest.

When you first met them, you believed everything they said. That is – until you found out that almost everything they’ve said has been a huge lie. They don’t just lie about small things, they lie about big things too.

They think nothing of stealing from you or others. They’ll cheat on you and then lie to your face.

You soon realize that you can’t trust them at all. And once the trust is gone, you know a relationship could never work.

They thrive on drama and addiction.

They aren’t happy if life is calm and peaceful. There must always be some drama going on. They will fly into a rage over the smallest thing. They’ll hang around with other toxic people who will disrupt your life.

They’ll be drunken tirades, moments of intense anger and despair. You will never have a moment’s peace being with them.

And you know what happens with dramas? Eventually, they end, when you turn it off.

They’re Irresponsible.

They may look amazing but looks don’t last. Life with an irresponsible person is a disaster.

They won’t do the chores around your home, and they'll be lazy all the time.

They’ll think nothing of charging up all your credit cards for things they want. They won’t save for the future, and if you stay with them, someday you’ll realize you have nothing saved for old age. You’ll never own a home and the two of you will be paying rent to others forever.

They won’t show up for important family events and miss appointments because they forgot. They’ll lose their job, and sit around playing video games instead of putting in applications.

You will always be worried that they did something to destroy your future and will constantly be on alert for their latest disaster.

You know what the answer is. The responsible thing to do in this situation would be to leave them.

If you're recognizing these 8 toxic signs in your relationship, ask yourself if life is better with them or without them. You'll know what to do.

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