6 Types of People Who Will Stop Your Dreams From Happening

L.A. Strucke

Here's how to get past them


In life, you will meet people that will stop your dreams from happening. There are jealous naysayers all around you. Learn to recognize what their agenda is and their reasons for discouraging you. Prevent them from blocking your success.

1. Your family

You're a singer who was born into a family of accountants. Everyone in your family has been an accountant, and all of their children are expected to follow. There are no other options in your family. To them, singing is just a foolish hobby and you should get over it and have a grownup career.

If you are married, your spouse may discourage you for their own reasons, because they don’t want you to tour the country and be away from them. Or they may resent all the new attention you’re getting, and feel they’ve been left in the dust. Some of them may want you to work at a more stable job, with a guaranteed income, and are more concerned with your joint finances than your dreams.

You could be the next Adele, but no one in your family cares. They’ll discourage you all the way, and some may threaten to banish you from the family.

How to handle this:

You must be strong and keep following your life path. Anticipate that there may be a struggle to succeed. You’re going to have to take your singing seriously and put yourself out there, starting outperforming with two people in the audience. It is not an easy path, but there will be a lot of life satisfaction, that you are working towards reaching your dreams.

Your family will be angry and disappointed for not doing what they want, but it’s your life. You can help your partner be involved in your new career, and convince them that this change will be positive for your relationship.

Once you begin to have success, your family may change their tune. And if they don’t, that’s fine. It’s your life.

2. The person who wants you to stay where you are.

Some people would never admit it, but they’ve secretly enjoyed watching you struggle. No matter how bad their lives are, they can comfort themselves knowing they’re always doing better than you.

Do you really want to be that pathetic person that people pity?

You’ll recognize this type when you start to succeed They’ll mock your first attempts at climbing out of your rut When you start to have some success they’ll feel uncomfortable.

“What happened to that poor guy who lived down the street, that couldn’t even afford to fix up his house? What? He’s doing better than us?”

They may congratulate you with a fake smile. They won’t be able to cope with your success, so you won’t see them much anymore.

Or they’ll try to take advantage of you and suddenly request a loan.

How to handle this:

You will now find out who your genuine friends are. The people that matter will remain supportive. They will be your friend through thick and thin.

If they back off from you, there were conditions in your friendship. You being successful wasn’t one of them.

And if the people who ignored you now take a sudden interest in you, they are not your real friends.

3. Your frienemy who’s angry because you’re doing what they wanted to do.

This person could be an acquaintance or coworker who secretly hates you. They would like to do something amazing and it didn’t work out for them. Therefore, it shouldn’t work out for you either.

They refuse to congratulate you when you’ve won an award, or they’ll pretend it never happened. They’ll pick on you and be sure to point out your mistakes. They may hold you to higher standards than others.

When you invite them to a show you’re in, they’ll make up an excuse and won’t show up. They may discourage you from pursuing your dream.

How to handle this:

Don’t assume everyone is your friend. Ignore insults, follow your dreams, and keep smiling. Realize it’s just jealousy. Don’t throw your success in their face, because it’s painful for them.

4. Pessimists that don’t believe great things can happen to people.

The world is filled with pessimists who’ve convinced themselves that life sucks, and ordinary people can’t get a break.

When you tell them you’re aiming for a professional artistic career, they’ll try to talk you out of it. In their minds, all the people they know don’t succeed in creative professions. You won’t be able to change their minds, so don’t even waste time trying. Whatever you do, don’t let them talk you out of it. They have no clue what you’re capable of.

How to handle this:

Succeed in your chosen career, and watch their jaws drop.

5. Your selfish friend who wants to keep you with them.

This is a difficult situation because this is a person who really cares about and values your friendship. They had this vision of a future where you two will be friends for life, living in the same town.

Now you’re succeeding in your career and traveling a lot. You may have to relocate and leave them behind. You will no longer be that available buddy to go out with for drinks, or to a game.

They’re genuinely sad and fear you’ll leave them.

How to handle this:

Tell your friend that just because you have to relocate does not mean you will vanish from their lives. Invite them to visit, or take trips with them. Visit them as much as possible and keep in touch with video calls.

6. People who are threatened you’ll take their job.

This often happens when a businessman has a dedicated worker beneath them and believes that a person is a real threat to their job security. They may even be a misogynist who’s trying to hold women back.

They’ll give you damaging reviews, and point out every mistake you make. Some will take credit for your contributions.

How to handle this:

You can try to build a good rapport with them, and show them you’re not their competition.

If that doesn’t work, you should look for a better position somewhere else. This is crucial for your success if you’re blocked from advancing. No one should ever feel like they’re stuck and can’t move up in life.

Remember – you have one life.

Remember, you have one life to live, and you’re in control of it. You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t let people talk you out of a lifetime of career satisfaction.

Don’t let these 6 types of people stop your dreams from happening.

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