8 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Yourself

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It's time to start living up to your potential.


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Are you living up to your potential? Or are you just getting by? Sadly, many of us are just getting by. We know we could do better, but we wonder if we've already missed our opportunity. Know it’s never too late to change the course of your life. Here are eight ways you can do it.

Be assertive and know your value.

You are worthy of having that career you dream of. Don’t stay in a dead-end job, and waste away your life. Be the person you wish you were.

Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t accept bad behavior from others towards you. It’s a well-known fact that people will treat you the way you allow them to. Assume everyone in the room likes you, and respond accordingly.

If you have no confidence, seek therapy to build up your self-esteem. Low self-worth will wreak havoc on your life and may keep you from reaching your goals. Studies have shown that low self-esteem in adolescents can negatively impact their lives in many ways.

Stay positive and focused and don’t give in to drama, negativity, angry outbursts, and tears — especially in public.

Live your authentic life.

Be yourself and don’t follow the crowd. You will never stand out if you are always blending in. Learn what you love to do and follow your own interests. Be a multi-layered person. It will only make you more interesting to people. It’s okay to be a musician with a nursing degree, who loves to ride horses, who loves mathematics, and is interested in winemaking. You get the picture. Explore all your passions. Don’t be that wishy-washy person who has no interests, and just follows the crowd. It will only make you miserable.

I know someone who walks into a room and energizes it. Everyone present draws closer to her like a magnet. She has that special something.

She’s true to herself. Friendly and generous, she always shares what little she has with friends. She’s a passionate artist and natural entertainer, but you wouldn’t even know that unless you came to know her. She never brags or shows off, she just shows up and brightens up a room. People like her, because she is her authentic self. Like that artist, we also can embrace our authentic selves. And living our life's purpose will infuse us with positive energy,

Be interested in other people.

Always try to remember people’s names. There’s nothing better than meeting someone and having them care enough to remember you. People will notice.

Treat everyone from the maid to the business owner like they’re special. Be sincerely interested in their lives. People can spot a phony a mile away. There’s nothing worse or more boring than a self-centered person who only talks about themselves.

Always look your best.

Wear clothes that flatter you. It doesn’t matter where you get them. Accessorize and have your own style. Find interesting bags to carry. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can find interesting clothes and accessories in thrift shops.

Flaunt your natural good looks. Keep yourself clean and put together. If you have a posture problem, seek help in correcting it. Unfortunately, people do pay attention to body language and they might think you aren’t confident if you don’t carry yourself properly. A person who takes care of themselves and has style is more attractive than a physically beautiful person who has no confidence and lets themselves go.

Joke a lot and be lighthearted with people.

Be that lighthearted person in the room.

No one wants to be around a negative, angry person. Even if you are down, don’t announce it to the general public. It’s about them, not you. People want to feel at ease and comfortable in your presence. Negative energy will only drain people around you.

If you love to dance, do it. There is nothing more fun than a person who grabs all their friends in the room and leads them out on the dance floor helping everyone to have a good time. Don’t forget that lonely person sitting by themselves. Get them to join you too.

If you are witty, this is a plus. Joking around and leaving people with a smile on their face makes you a favorite person in many people's eyes. And whatever you do, don’t give in to emotional scenes in public. It will only make you look bad.

Be generous with people.

Share what you have, and listen to what they have to say. Even if you are poor, you can still share some homemade cake or bread you made. You can give someone something you no longer need that they want. That tennis racket you never use may be an answer to a friend’s prayer.

Be generous with your time. Listen to others and look them in the eye, letting them feel heard by you. Expose your vulnerabilities so they feel comfortable getting closer to you. This is a valuable skill that will warm people towards you.

Pursue all your passions with consistent effort.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to put all your energy into pursuing your goals. Even if you are working at another position to pay the bills, work on your passion on the side and put thousands of hours in to achieve all of your goals in the future.

Remember, f you only put in minimal effort, you will only get minimal results.

This is your life. If you want it to be the best life possible, you have to give it your all and don’t worry about obstacles. You just leap over them.

Take leadership positions.

Think big. People love to follow a positive, inspiring leader. Find your passion and take leadership roles. Help others achieve what they want by inspiring them and setting an example.

You have the power to change and improve your community by heading up projects and organizing people to make the needed changes.

Don’t be afraid to run for an office or leadership position. More responsibility creates more impact. You’ll reach more people in larger roles.

Don’t fear failure. Everybody fails. Everybody who is anyone has had a rejection in their life. Move past it, and turn a no into a yes.

Imagine waking up one day, and knowing because you stepped out of your comfort zone you changed people's lives for the better.

Try these 8 ways to bring the best out of yourself, and it will change your life.

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