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Food Delivery Options To Try Out In St. Louis

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It can be really nice to stay at home for dinner and have the food delivered to you. But when the food isn't fresh, it can ruin the whole experience. So which restaurants are the best to have delivered in St. Louis? Here are the best choices.

Pappy's Smokehouse

Pappy's is about simple, great barbeque. And to have that delivered right to your door is pretty incredible. Get the the rack of ribs. The ribs are excellent. They are meaty, flavorful, moist and delicious. You also get a very good portion. I wish I could have eaten all of them. Instead, two bones went into a box for later. For sides, I chose the cole slaw (a lovely vinegar slaw with no mayo) and green beans. The fries are a great side as well. There are two Pappy's locations, one in St. Louis and one in St. Charles.

Run, don't walk, to get the ribs at Pappys. They have a great system in place to get your order placed, get you sat at a table (indoor and outdoor seating available), and get your food in front of you quick. Like I said- get the ribs!!!! They are finger lickin good. You can also add another meat if you'd like, and you get two sides. I got the sweet potato fries which were a large portion, and also the baked beans. The sides were good and let the meat shine in all its glory.

Chuck's Hot Chicken

Chuck's actually has free delivery with a $15 minimum order. That's pretty incredible, right? When you go to Chucks, you have to get the hot chicken sandwich. What is so great about the sandwich is that the spicy was so balance with flavor & heat. The key is to add slaw to the inside of your sandwich. The slaw controls the heat & adds a nice additional crunch to every bite. For sides, don't forget the breaded corn fritters with honey shiracha aioli.

I love nashville hot chicken and we don't have that many options for that in St. Louis. You can only order from this restaurant online; they don't have a phone number. The chicken sandwich was so delicious. It is a huge breast that filled the bun. It is also extremely reasonably priced at $8. Sun A.

Seoul Taco

Seoul Taco started as a Food Truck in 2011 and opened a shop in 2012. The main attractions are Korean BBQ Taco's, Quesadillas, Burritos, and Gogi Bowls. The tacos come with sesame vinaigrette salad mix, green onion, crushed sesame seeds, Seoul sauce, and a wedge of lime. The flavor is very unique. The Gogi bowl is another super popular dish with sesame vinaigrette salad mix, fried egg, green onion, carrots, sesame oil, rice and spicy Gochujang pepper sauce.

Seoul Taco is incredible. I am not surprised at all that they continue to add locations. The fact that we can get it delivered via one of the delivery apps makes it a regular at our house. Our go-to is the burrito - Steak, Pork, or Double Meat with both :-). We always ask for extra sauce on the side because it is amazing. The Gogi & Waffles is also delicious. The Gogi & Waffles is a ton of food though so get ready to wear your stretchy pants. John J.

Those are the three best places to get delivered in my experience. What restaurants have the best food delivery service in your opinion? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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