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Nashvillian Honoree Corder on why you Must Write a Book

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One of the very best ways you can increase your impact and authority—as well as your income—is by writing a book. I was thrilled to chat with Nashville resident Honoree Corder, who is THE self-publishing expert. You can literally scour the internet, and you will not find anyone who has more experience, credibility, or success when it comes to publishing their own books and creating a multi-layered very successful business from their ideas.

Honoree is the author of dozens of books, including: You MUST Write A Book, Prosperity for Writers, Vision to Reality, Business Dating and more. Honoree is also Hal Elrod’s business partner. Hal is the author of The Miracle Morning, which is a fantastic book, and together they have published over a dozen titles in the Miracle Morning series.

Honoree coaches business professionals, writers, and aspiring non-fiction authors who want to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income.

I recently spoke with Honoree all about books and writing. Here is a portion of our conversation. My questions are below in bold.

So why must somebody write a book?

There are so many reasons I believe that everyone would benefit from writing a book. They include establishing themselves as an expert, differentiating themselves from other folks who say they are experts who actually also might be experts to give themselves a reason to charge more others can charge 20 to 50%, more or 100% more than what they're charging by being an author. It's a tremendous career booster.

How do you decide what to write about?

Some of my books have been suggested to me, and some of them I have just been inspired to write. The underlying purpose for all of my books is my desire to help a lot of people. And so I published with how Elrod The Miracle Morning for Teachers. And it was a love project was 14 months. I had to work so much harder on that book than any other book because I'm not a teacher. I had to become a teacher. I had to go to school. And when I published the book, and I showed it to someone, they were like, Wow, there are a lot of teachers, you should make a lot of money from this. And it legitimately had not occurred to me, until that very moment.

Let me ask you about your your business strategy. Many authors seems to be seem to be obsessed with this question of self publishing versus traditional publishing. And I know that you self publish your books. Why do you self-publish?

For some people, indie publishing is a great fit. For some people, hybrid is a great fit. And for some people, traditional is a great fit. I chose indie publishing, because nobody ever heard of me, I never went to college. I didn't have a big following. It never occurred to me that I was worthy of going the traditional publishing route. I just went indie publishing, because I thought that that was my only path for publishing. It wasn't until I started to meet other people who were publishing. Who would say, “Boy, you're so smart to be doing indie publishing, because you have creative control, content control, and timing.”

And you're an entrepreneur as well. So do you would you say that you're you're probably already wired toward wanting to have more control over your product, rather than just giving everything over to a publisher?

I have talked to a lot of people who thought that getting a book deal meant that they automagically would have a best selling book, meaning they would make money from their book. And when push came to shove, they realized that the only person that can market their book is guess who? The author. There's no substitute for that. Even when I'm talking about social media, I talk about the fact that there's the social, and the media. They are intertwined, but they are not the same thing. And there is no substitute for that.

Thanks so much to Honoree for chatting with me. I learned so much from her. If you'd like to get in touch with her, you can visit her website here.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? What would it be about?

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