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Local Enola Resident Releases New Book About Life

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Dr. Tracey Jones is a resident of Enola, PA. She is also an author, leadership expert and keynote speaker. You might have heard of her father, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, who wrote the very well-known book Life is Tremendous.

For years, I personally have used her father’s famous quote in many lessons and talks I’ve given. He famously said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things; the people you meet and the books you read.”

I recently spoke with Charlie's daughter, Tracey. Our conversation was focused on books and the impact they can have on our lives. Tracey shared that she that her father believed everybody really had a book in them. And he would always maintain that if you went through something, we don't want to read about the success stories, because then we feel bad, like, why can't we be that good. He would say to her. "If you don't share that with the world, that's incredibly selfish. The reason that you were put through something to break you down is so you can get built up. So you can share it with other people that are going to need your wisdom."

You can do this one on one and become incredibly exhausted. Or you can write a book and get the word out there and and legacy I can read my father's wisdom now, even though he passed 12 years ago. If you have a ministry or a company, my father would say everybody in a company needs to have a book to share with new incoming people. A book is a wonderful thing that you can hand out to people to share with others.

Tracey says she always tells people, no matter how you learn, whether it's visually or audibly, or kinesthetically, books are a tremendous thing to come alongside you. Because we we all learn in different ways. So it's important to have a book to share with the world. There's so much wisdom that you can gain from somebody's life. And they have written it down. And we can consume that in just a few hours. It's pretty amazing. When you stop and think about it.

I also got to ask Tracey about her new book Spark. Here is some of what she told me about the book.

The book Spark came about when I went back to get my Ph.D. The book is about unpacking, unfolding, the greatest version of you to respond to whatever happens. When you expand your knowledge base, know how to contingency plan, know how to pivot, know how to deal with the fog and friction of life in general.

Next Steps For Anyone In The Enola Area

If you are interested in writing a book like Tracey, you have a lot of opportunities here in Enola. For starters, you can join the Penn Writers Writing Group which is a part of the Cumberland County Library System. Another option is Central PA Writer's Workshop. You can also contact Tracey at her website if you are interested in writing a book. I really enjoyed this conversation with Dr. Tracey Jones, and I hope you did as well.

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