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During the winter of 2021-2022, there was a winter blow that left motorists stranded on a major highway in Virginia for almost 24 hours. The news reported this as a “near death” experience wherein people almost froze to death. The cause of their impending doom was running out of gasoline and having to turn their automobiles off, thus shutting down the heaters.

Throughout my almost 70 years of life on Earth, I have seen and heard numerous Public Service Announcements (PSAs) every winter season and before every winter storm exhorting the driving public to always keep a full fuel tank, warm clothing, blankets, food and first aid supplies in their vehicles whenever travelling during winter months. The same advice applies when travelling through the desert.

News reports repeatedly showed folks who had run out of gas while idling their engines to stay warm who had been stuck in the extended traffic jam. The wild-eyed and frantic reporters showed folks dressed in business clothes who were equally wild-eyed and frantic who had “nearly frozen” and had suffered miserably a long night in their cars.

A day or so later a commentator named Laurence Jones made an excellent observation when he asked, “What if all of those Virginia drivers had followed the Left’s orders that everyone purchase and drive electric vehicles?”

Most of those cars would have only had half a charge for their return trip home. There would have been thousands of completely frozen cars and equally frozen people inside them on those freeways come morning. All those batteries would have died because as we all know (or should know) as temperatures drop, battery capacity also drops. In other words, the colder it gets, the less powerful a battery becomes and discharges that much more rapidly. Most all-electric automobiles have electrically operated fans to keep their batteries from over-heating and heaters to keep those same batteries from freezing.

In the morning, when emergency services finally got to the scene, all those batteries would have been as dead as their passengers. How long would it have taken to remove all those dead cars so that traffic could return to normal? How many folks would have died in the bitter cold that night because their wundercars had pooped out?

Does anyone believe the American Left would have taken responsibility for the tragedy? You know they would have instead blamed the snowplow operators and the State.

Like so many other fair-weather ideas these folks advocate, when everything is working fine, everything is working fine. But, whenever the slightest issue arises, the whole house of cards crumbles and people suffer and die. We all know that life is a long series of bad experiences strung together to make an interesting story. The good things are far and few between and oftentimes that only serves to make the good experiences even better because we then have something to compare with.

Remember how many died in Texas when the windmills froze, and the solar panels were covered with snow? Oh yeah, our carbon footprint was pretty small while we froze except for the smart ones who had and ran their generators and woodburning stoves.

Germany closed all its nuclear power plants for “environmental” reasons and now runs on coal, oil, and natural gas. Apparently, they get winters too, and they aren’t too happy about freezing in the dark either.

That is what I call a real step forward for the environmentalists!

Do ya think the Krauts know something we don’t?

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