You Wonder Why We Doubt You?

Kurt Schreiber
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Of late there are many news reporting leading stories and printed column inches devoted to the “resurgence” of the Covid 19 virus. They breathlessly recite the deadliness, the widespread sorrow and never-ending tragedy associated with the new variant. Headlines are seemingly limiting their reporting to “new cases”. Indeed, this heated diatribe continues unabated.

You will hear impending news of doom, masks, and lockdowns regardless of your current events source. Never, I repeat never will you hear how these “new cases” break down by age, ethnicity, or co-morbidity.

Does the information mean these new cases are mortally ill and struggling for their last breath?

Are the majority these new cases actually exhibiting extreme symptoms of any kind?


Have the Media bred a new strain of panic in the populace that demands a Covid test with every runny nose or sneeze?


By and large these new cases have been discovered by sinus swab testing. They speak with raised brows and flushed cheeks about “viral loads equaling those of the unvaccinated” and allow the viewer to reach his or her own conclusions. The first question I asked was, Did I take the shot for naught?

Still there is little, if any, reportage on the infected horde of illegal invaders crossing our borders and then, at American taxpayers’ expense, being shipped across the land with no warning or precautions taken. The government says “…roughly 30% of these” illegal intruders “have refused” the shot and yet they are transported happily to their destinations. The federal government freely admits eight of every one hundred illegals are actively infected with Covid as they enter the United States.

In every sense, this the equivalent of biologically carpet bombing our own soil with the sick of other nations while in full knowledge these new torpedoes of destruction will transmit their deadly cargo to each and every corner of the land.

We hear reports of hospital ICUs being “swamped” but when contacted, the hospitals are ignorant of that “fact”.

We are being threatened with mandatory inoculation programs, testing regimens and health passports (OK, I can’t help it. Show me your papers!) but still they distribute the ill and contagious from sea-to-shining-sea!

They tell us the inoculated are virtually immune from death but that we are potentially contagious???

They tell us our young children have but a miniscule chance of sickness or death but want them injected too???

Now, they want us all to again go masked when it has been shown SCIENTIFICALLY the mask has little or no prophylactic properties other than as a psychological band aid.

To add insult to injury, the loudest proponents of masking and inoculation will not follow their own rules nor force them upon the intruders.

Our own White House will not release the number of staff who have been vaccinated (percentages please, I don’t need names) nor will they discuss how many have contracted the virus…vaccinated or otherwise! I have heard reports that 43% of White House staffers have not been inoculated.

It is apparent at least some of these folks are waiting to see how things work out before they submit to the jab.

Did anyone here volunteer to be a Guinea Pig?

Is there any wonder many Americans have been put off from getting this drug?

Is there any wonder why the CDC, Congress and the White House suffer from a severe lack of credibility?

I have moved from the cautiously optimistic to the unpersuadable disbelieving.

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