Shreveport vs D.C., Busses and Crime

Kurt Schreiber

This week there were reports in our nation’s capital, there was a running gun battle down the street in one of the most popular dining districts in D.C. during the height of the dinner rush. Video shows a white-clad black fellow firing into a crowd in an attempt to assassinate one of his enemies with frightened Gringos (Yes, there are still some in D.C.) and other patrons scattering in every direction. (Interestingly, not one of those patrons drew a concealed firearm and returned fire???)

Does that mean it is easier for a criminal to acquire a firearm in D.C. than a law-abiding citizen?

Both the mayor and police chief of D.C. immediately ran to the TV cameras to express their concern and compassion while promising swift action to suppress this sort of behavior. The shooting incident was portrayed primarily as nonsense. The culprits, as Mayor Bowser (ya gotta laugh at that one) are not the violent hyenas who have never been incarcerated for their original crimes (the Chief said 87% of violent offenders in DC are repeat offenders) but “illegal guns” filtering across state lines from other states. Of course, it is quite possible that the firearms mentioned are only “illegal” because they have been outlawed within DC city limits.

Neither of these high public officials blamed the Prosecuting Attorney’s office or the Judicial branch or took personal responsibility for the policies of their government for the rampant violent crime wave sweeping the District of Columbia.

Perhaps most interesting of all is that it was only when the gunplay arrived in one of the more ritzy tourist areas (where all the Big Bucks go) did the Mayor and Police Chief appear, expressing concern and promising action. Until this incident, the mayor had been missing in action while the poorer neighborhoods absorbed bullet after bullet and mopped up streams of innocent blood from the streets.

There was no mention of the famous social justice program known as “No Bail” that releases known animals, just arrested for something heinous, back onto the street. There was only mention that the criminal courts are still closed due to “Covid”???

There was no mention of the mayor’s advocacy for “Defunding the Police” and the subtraction of millions of dollars in funding for the department.

There was no mention of the disbanding of the Gun Violence Taskforce.

There was no mention of the droves of law enforcement officers having left the department over the past year due to the mayor’s castigation and persecution of the police while touting the ignominy of incarcerating the evil.

Hummm, while the civilized portion of the country is opening up, the DC criminal courts are closed?

It is well apparent that George Soros has been successful in placing Leftist city attorneys and mayors with Leftist ideologies who refuse to prosecute real criminals into our major city governments and with cataclysmic results.

Who woulda thunk any of these policies would have a negative impact on the current DC crime spike?

Makes ya want to move to D.C. doesn’t it?

Remember kind reader, the Left’s end goal is to foment a crime wave so horrific that the average citizen calls out for military intervention and martial law. Then, they will have achieved their ultimate end.

When martial law is established, elections will be “put on hold”. Those in power will remain in power until martial law is lifted. Given the attitude of the American Left, when do you think that will ever happen?

Some facts, observations, and a silly question:

Facts: Last week Shreveport, Louisiana received 17 bus loads of illegal immigrants. 2/3 of all illegals now entering our country have refused inoculation. There are no criminal background checks on these folks. Six hundred of these new members of the Shreveport population are Haitian. Shreveport’s population is 57% black and there is a 25% poverty rate with very high unemployment. Do you think these Louisiana Democrat voters are happy about what is going on?

Observation: Shreveport is experiencing a resurgence in violent crime.

Now here’s the silly question: How many busloads of illegal immigrants have been sent to Washington D.C.?

It would seem to me that in the interests of “fairness” (based on population) DC should get at least 67 loads of these future Democrat voters for every 17 loads Shreveport gets.

I did a search for that data and there is no evidence that DC has received even one bus load.

Gee, I never would have guessed…

Like the philosopher on that 1960s TV show said,




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