Being a Gemini: A Boon as Well as a Curse

Kunal Gupta

Table Of Contents

  1. Gemini's are Always Thinking
  2. Gemini's Cannot Make a Decision
  3. Gemini's Live for the Moment
  4. Gemini's are Very Understanding
  5. Gemini's Would Never Judge You
  6. Gemini's are Always Ready to Lend a Helping Hand
  7. Gemini's Need Constant Mental Stimulation
  8. Gemini's are at Constant War with Themselves


Whether you are a Gemini yourself or you know someone who is a Gemini, this blog article would help you understand why and how being a Gemini is a full-time job & how being a Gemini can be a boon as well as a curse. Let's dive in!.

If you are a Gemini yourself, you would agree with me (or maybe not, greetings, fellow Gemini).

If you know a Gemini, then you would have no problem identifying and giving me your stamp of approval when you read the characteristics that make "being a Gemini, a boon as well as a curse."

➼ Gemini's are Always Thinking

While thinking might not be such a bad thing, do you know how much we Gemini's think? It's like a constant river of thoughts, flowing inside our heads, that never seems to stop.

While I would love to be known to be analytical & logical, experiencing this is not an easy job.

On a lighter note, "I think" overthinking is a Gemini's brainchild. I wonder if it were Gemini's who gifted the concept of overthinking to the world.

While it can be good to think and rationalize things, having a brain that does not switch off can sometimes be exhausting.

➼ Gemini's Cannot Make a Decision

While to other sun signs, this might seem like confusion, guess what? IT IS!

As a Gemini, I can tell you that my answer would be "wherever you want to" if you ask me where to go for lunch.

The reason behind this is that the twins are adaptable & live in the moment.

They would probably not be able to decide between 3 options if you ask them.

The best bet would be to present us with a specific option, and more often than not, we would be able to say yes or no.

Just don't let Gemini's decide if you're short on time. It might be dinner time by then.

➼ Gemini's Live for the Moment

The word "flakiness" gets tossed around a lot for the Gemini sun sign. Gemini's live for the moment and are unique in their way for that.

One moment we might want to go to watch a movie; the next moment, we might want to get in bed and take a nap.

Maybe constant thinking takes so much of our time & energy that we get oblivious to our surroundings and do what we want at that moment.

Gemini's can't sit idle because their mind is always at war.

➼ Gemini's are Very Understanding

Due to our ability to see multiple angles to any situation, we understand most things & why someone would do them.

It's like we talk to ourselves and convince ourselves. The twins are at loggerheads all the time, one wanting one thing and the other wanting the other.

We understand all points of view & how everyone is unique in their way. The best part is that we would never judge you.

➼ Gemini's Would Never Judge You

A Gemini would never judge you for anything you do. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is an underlying reason behind everything that happens, mostly.

While we would never judge you, we would also try to give you the best possible advice for any possible situation & more often than not, that advice is gold.

If we are close enough, then we might make fun of you. But that would only be harmless, lighthearted banter.

This might sometimes even turn against us because we do not sugar-coat things if we think something needs to be said. You might not like to hear it, but we only have the best interest at heart.

➼ Gemini's are Always Ready to Lend a Helping Hand

We are happy to give you a helping hand if you ever need it. However, the only condition is that we must not be preoccupied with something.

The abundance of generosity that we possess sometimes turns against us when we feel like we are getting taken for granted.

There is a saying in the Hindi language "ungli deke haath pakadna", which roughly translates to "It's like you lend someone a finger to hold, but they reach for & grab the whole palm."

We need to learn how to keep ourselves first, too. It is healthy.

➼ Gemini's Need Constant Mental Stimulation

When we indulge in physical work, we are using our physical capacities. However, when we are not doing physical activities, we are constantly thinking.

We cannot be without doing something or the other, whether physically or mentally.

We feel like there is so much that this world has to offer, and one life is too short to experience it.

It might seem like we are either always on the go or too lazy because of constant activity, whether physically or mentally.

➼ Gemini's are at Constant War with Themselves

The twins inside us somehow always want the opposite things. While it can be good to see the contrasting perspectives sometimes, it's not always a good thing.

Being understanding & being able to see different perspectives turns against us when such situations arise.

While we would love to contribute to the world, we would love to experience it as well.

While we would love to learn, we would love to teach as well.

While we would like to stay out partying for the whole night, we would love to stay in and sleep the entire day as well.

The list is never-ending, and it just depends on the current mood of a Gemini.

➼ Why being a Gemini is a Boon

Being a Gemini has its perks but comes with its own set of limitations as well. Just like everything in the world.

We are:


➼ Why being a Gemini is a Curse

We are:

Too kind for our good
Idealistic in thought
Never at peace within
Can't think too far ahead (we don't know what we are going to do the following day)

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⮂ Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Being a Gemini has its perks but comes with its own set of limitations as well. Just like everything in the world.

While being a Gemini is a boon and a curse, I know nothing else & so I can safely assume there is nothing else I would rather be. (or maybe I can try being all the sun signs and experience it myself. Only if.)

I think I have done my best to explain the dilemma at hand. I leave the rest to you to judge and analyze.

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