Houston Nursery Tours with Mama Lai

Spending the Day with my Mama for her Birthday. She took me to two Asian owned nurseries located in Houston, that I've never been to. These nurseries are gems and really great places to locate hard to find plants.

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When we decided to move from the suburbs of Houston Texas to a small home nestled on 36 acres off an old dirt road county road just outside of Dayton Texas, homesteading was the furthest thing from our minds. We simply wanted a place for our daughter and son to run free and fresh air to breath. But God had other plans. About a year in, we wanted to become more self-sufficient, but our only experience with food came from the grocery store. Fast forward 9 years… We grow a large garden in zone 9A, that we eat fresh, can, and dehydrate from. We raise chickens and ducks for egg and meat production. I’ve learned to forage for food, cook from scratch, sew, and even learned to make soap and lotions. We now consider ourselves modern homesteaders, and everything we’ve learned so far has been through our own trials. We invite you along to share this journey with us as we continue to learn and grow. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified every time we release a new video. Be Blessed.

Houston, TX

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