Libertarian announces campaign against Rep. Lauren Boebert (Exclusive Interview)

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Mark Elworth Jr is a politician who refuses to obey the establishment tradition.

Mark calls himself an activist. His opposition and the media are quick to label him a stoner or perennial candidate. Despite all that has been said about Mark, I'd go as far to bet that many Colorado D3 voters will find themselves aligning to Mark's platform (because I do as a Colorado voter).

By not following the rules in the past, Mark not only earned himself a major-party nomination for the Democrats in a 2020 U.S. Representatives race, but he also gained major party ballot access in 2021 for the political party Legal Marijuana NOW in Nebraska.
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And, now that Mark Elworth Jr has moved to Colorado and thrown his name as a Libertarian into the 2024 U.S. House of Representatives Colorado D3 circus (opps, I mean race) against Rep. Lauren Boebert, it was time for a one-on-one with him.

Over a bong bowl of locally grown medical cannabis, long-time U.S. freedom activist Mark Elworth Jr and I got elevated and talked politics.
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Mark: I don't want Libertarian voters voting for Lauren Boebert. Unlike her, I believe in the separation of church and state and federal marijuana legalization. I stand for the U.S. Bill of Rights which she just simply doesn't recognize. People deserve a better choice.

Krystal: Tell me about what's happening with the Colorado Libertarian Party (LP) and their pact with the Republicans.

Mark: This race has gotten really confusing because of this pact. I read into it, and basically in 2022, the GOP claimed to have lost a couple races because of LP "vote grabbing." The Republican Party is saying that LP candidates in these critical races were taking Republican votes and resulting in a slim margin of victory for the Democrats.

Krystal: Sounds like some finger pointing in races where both major party candidates weren't really the people's choice.

Mark: That's what I'm saying. They're blaming us for manipulating that margin of victory. All this pact does is give the Republican Party the Libertarian votes, and the GOP just is not entitled to them. This is not how any political party or race works in a democratic society.
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Krystal: So how do you get on the ballot for this highly anticipated race with this pact in place?

Mark: It's quite the challenge. The Colorado Libertarian State Party is not going to let me get on the 2024 ballot unless I collect 1500 signatures from registered voters in the district within a certain timeframe. So, I have to follow the Colorado ballot access laws to get on without party support.

Krystal: You mentioned margin of victory. Boebert won by only 546 votes in the last election. How will that last close race impact this one?

Mark: D3 is a strong Republican voter district. It's amazing a Democrat got that close to winning. My prediction is that in 2024, Adam Frisch won't come nearly as close because historically the runner-up loses steam in a race rematch. The Democrats hoping Frisch will win this one is a bad strategy.

Either way, a lot of Libertarian voters live in this district too with no one to vote for. My race is about rebuilding a party and giving my voters a real LP candidate. I have a feeling a lot of votes will be coming my way in this district, so in a way I'm taking advantage of the Boebert-Frisch situation. Libertarian voters deserve to have a party represent them because the Democrats and Republicans just don't.

Krystal: Let's shift gears and talk about what makes you a Libertarian.
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Mark: I often think people confuse "Libertarian Party" with "Libertarians who are registered with the Republican Party." We have different values. The LP is a major third party that runs off the values of individual liberties. GOP Libertarians distance themselves by blending in the GOP agenda like being prolife, building massive prison systems, blurring the lines between church and state, and telling people how to live. As the Libertarian Party candidate, I'm prochoice on everything. I'm about my voters and their rights. The other side is about special interest groups and power and control.

Krystal: We either have to load another bowl, or wrap this up. Or we do both! What's your final thoughts?

Mark: Load it! I'm an old school Libertarian. I believe in the decisions of the individual over the power of the majority. We should stick to what our U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution says -- that "all can regard their rights as unalienable, their liberty as inviolable." I believe in minimum government and maximum freedom. I believe in the equality of all regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status, gender, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. The individual is the smallest minority. Someone has to fight for the individual's right to live and prosper. //

From Facebook, Mark's campaign states he wants to:

  • Legalize cannabis nationwide
  • Separate church and state
  • Protect the U.S. Bill of Rights
  • Return to small government
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Mark does not accept donations for his campaign. But if you want to donate to the cause, he asks you go to and sign up to become a National Libertarian Party Member for $25 a year. You get swag and a monthly newsletter in exchange.

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