Why 'Mira Quién Baila' Star Sofia Ghavami Loves Dancing For Her Hometown Of Miami

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Sofia Ghavami was at the center of attention on the 16th season of So You Think You Can Dance. She made it to the Top 20 as a ballroom dancer and dance fans took note of the stunning beauty's talent. She is now fortunate to be a part of the current season of Univision's Mira Quién Baila, where she gets to dance for her hometown of Miami, Florida.

"I moved out straight out of high school, so I didn't really have time to work here or feel out the dance industry here before I moved, she explains to News Break. "It's interesting that now, four years later, I'm back working here and it's nice because I get to be home to spend time with my family and work, so I get the best of both worlds."

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The dance competition show has been a consistent ratings hit for the network, so for Ghavami, it's a sweet way to come home to share her talents on such a popular series. Each week presents challenges for the dancers and choreographers on the show because they consistently switch contestants; the job has only solidified her love of dance and the joy it brings to her life.

"I love dance, I'm never going to stop. I think this pandemic has made me re-learn how to love dance in a raw way... like how I used to love it when I was really little. Just dancing to dance, not dancing for work," she said. The job opportunity came about, thanks to creative director Rodrigo Basurto and supervising choreographers Jonathan and Oksana Platero.

"Prior to this job, I worked with Jonathan on a little performance they asked me to do with them and that was the first time I worked with him," she shared. "And Rodrigo reached out to me to see if I was available and wanted to do the job. It was that combination of people who were rooting to have me on the team. I'm super grateful for that."

The Mira Quién Baila format is much different than Dancing with the Stars, so the opportunity to work with a new celebrity each week has been an experience she describes as "awesome." She enthusiastically says, "I get to dance with different people, I get to build a relationship with more people and find new ways to choreograph. I think it's a nice little challenge."


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"I also think it's really interesting to figure out what teaching method works or what counting method work, some people like words, some people like noises or counts," she continues. "So it's interesting to see how little differences work better or worse with different people. But the cool part about this show is that they're also invested in it. You work together to figure out the best way to make them shine."

It's also a terrific learning experience for the veteran dancer because it offers her the opportunity to sharpen her choreography skills for a new partner each week in front of a massive television audience. "One takeaway would probably be the choreography aspect because I've choreographed in the past for jobs or for performances, but it's never been at this level of exposure," Ghavami shares. "This is for television and you have a whole production team behind it, which is also so cool to work with. I think it's really pushed me and showed me what I'm capable of choreography-wise."

The best part of the entire Mira Quién Baila adventure has been sharing her success with her family. She revealed that her grandparents are big fans of the show and that "it's a very cool moment" for her. "It's a very popular show here in Miami," she says. "It's been nice and I'm so caught up in choreography and the day-to-day of it that I forget that this is a great show and people are watching every Sunday."

To learn more about Sofia Ghavami's experience on Mira Quién Baila, watch the full video interview.

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