Does Guided Meditation Really Work?

Kristi Keller

It's worth a try, just in case.

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Is anyone else aware of how many guided meditation videos are on Youtube? There are millions of them! Several for each problem we may have, and they all have hundreds of thousands of views, which means people are using them.

In the comments following each video, viewers are raving about how meditations are saving their lives.

But come on now, do these guided meditations really work? Or do they just make us think they work? Or are those two questions one and the same? If we think they work then our brains program themselves accordingly, and when we change our thinking we change our lives, right?

Wait a minute. Isn’t that how manifestation works?

The first time I ever listened to a guided meditation was when I wanted to quit smoking. I assumed it would work like magic. I thought I could go to bed listening to a “quit smoking” meditation and wake up a non-smoker.

Let’s just say that never happened. I quit the meditations instead, and smoked for many more years, until one day I actually did just wake up and didn’t want to smoke anymore. But it wasn’t meditation that made me quit, it had to have been more like divine intervention.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I began looking for targeted meditation topics on Youtube just to see if they could work. I was in a massive depression so I looked for anti-stress and anti-anxiety meditations. I was willing to try ANYTHING except prescription drugs.

I first thought about trying abundance meditations. Not the money kind but the life kind.

An abundance of whatever my life needs that it’s lacking. I also decided I needed help letting go of ALL the garbage in my life that made getting out of bed in the mornings painful.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so I made a deal with myself to listen to a guided meditation soundtrack every night at bedtime, for 21 days. I chose different ones each day just to see if I liked some more than others, which is how I discovered that not all of them are created equally.

There are some freakishly annoying people on Youtube doing meditation soundtracks and they should probably look for different ways to amuse themselves.

I ended up settling on two favorite narrators.

Michael Sealey’s voice is wonderfully trance-like, sedative, and romantic. His meditations are a little fluffy but he does the job of calming me down before bed and making me genuinely listen to him until I fall asleep. He has a meditation for pretty much every life issue.

Jason Stephenson is my all-time favorite. His meditations are more direct, less, “walk down a fancy path with me”. He also has something for every life issue, but he gets right to the point and I feel like his meditations work.

**Ding ding ding**

That’s the money phrase right there. I FEEL LIKE THEY WORK.

If I feel like they work then subconsciously I make them work through my daily thoughts and actions.

Wait a minute. I think I’ve suddenly grasped the concept of guided meditation!

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What have my results been like?

I don’t want to sound all foo-foo but I need to testify a little. I have no idea what I should attribute the profound changes in my attitude to, but I’m choosing to think that I’ve been focusing on abundance, peace, and letting go so much that I’m steering my own life towards it.

That’s the point of it all, right?

I’m as zero-bullshit as they come which makes it difficult to convince myself that this is me saying all this. But since I began listening to guided meditations at bedtime I just can’t make myself get so upset.

I have truly LET. IT. GO.

I wish I would have discovered this way of life a long time ago. But then again, when we’re in deep depressions we can’t see to the other end of the tunnel so it’s no wonder the sadness lingers for years and years.

I can’t say that guided meditation is a magic fix for everyone. In fact, I’d like to add a disclaimer that no one should take my advice about depression because it’s a serious issue.

I just know what my personal life circumstances have been for many years and I know I have been able to handle them in a much better way because of a more positive mindset. Then the snowball effect follows.

When you have a positive mind, positive things happen, then your mind becomes even more positive and in turn, great things keep happening.

It’s true I’m still hiding a great deal of pain and burden behind my smiles and laughter, but isn’t it worth injecting a bit of positive hyper-focus into our lives, JUST IN CASE?

At the very least, it may just be what helps you get through a day unscathed.

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