R. Kelly Asking for Mercy During Covid is a Joke

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Recently I decided to begin a binge session of the sensational, Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

I may be totally late to the tea party but hey, at least I showed up. Since I never follow celebrity news I admit I was pretty in the dark about the extent of the R. Kelly story.

All I thought I knew was that he’s a pervert who was constantly in the news for his bad behavior. I thought he had sexually assaulted a few women.

After just five episodes into the series I realized I legitimately had NO clue as to the extent of his perversions, nor how many women were affected.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, I would first like to say that I can’t understand how so many people could give a celebrity so much power. I’m genuinely dumbfounded that so many young women sought him out, knowing what kind of person he was.

Having said that, I can’t possibly know what it’s like to want a music career so badly that I’m willing to do anything for it.

His story was dragged through the media and courts for a long ass time. Nearly twenty years. It feels unrealistic that so many women were willing to overlook even the slightest possibility that the allegations may be true. One woman even went back to him after she had watched the infamous tape.

I’m also astounded over how many music industry professionals let it slide, even though they were fully aware of what was going on behind closed doors. It’s a travesty that any one of a number of people could have helped put a stop to it, yet they chose to turn a blind eye.

But as I said, I don’t know what it’s like to be starstruck nor to give someone power over my life. I’ll stop at that because I’m certainly not insensitive to what I’ve seen so far in the documentary. He’s deplorable.

The courts failed and R. Kelly prevailed

What blew me away the most is that even in the face of all the “alleged” charges against him for so many years, he continued with his behavior. He knew full well that he was under scrutiny yet he kept luring and torturing women without batting an eye.

Clearly, he is a sick and demented person.

Having only made it through five episodes before 2am rolled around and I needed my bed, I have yet to finish the series. I left off where one mother succeeds in finding her captive daughter in a Beverly Hills hotel, which happened in 2018.

Since the documentary had taken me right up to 2018 before I turned it off, I felt compelled to do a Google search. I needed to find out whether he ever went to prison or if he’s still out there today.

A simple search for, “Is R. Kelly in prison?” returned top search results that he is indeed. I also found out he had the nerve to beg for mercy. He and his lawyers felt that he should be released because of Coronavirus.

Wait, WHAT?

So, Robert S. Kelly wants someone   to grant him some mercy? Mercy that he could have, but never ever offered to any of his victims?

He thinks he’s too good for Coronavirus, does he?

He thinks he’s better than all the other violent offenders who won’t be given a “get out of jail free” card just because a virus is circulating the prison he’s at?

I’m sorry douchebag, but your celebrity status has been revoked. You’ve denied your children the right to live an unscathed life due to your actions. You’ve denied your ex-wife the means to support your children.

You’ve stolen the innocence of far too many young women to keep track of. You’ve broken up their families and their souls.

You, my friend, deserve to contract Coronavirus more than anyone I can think of right now. You definitely deserve to sit in solitary confinement and know how it feels to be ignored when you’re suffering.

You deserve to be starved for three days and wonder if your next meal will be served up with a heaping side order of a deadly virus. And when that little slot opens and you think your next meal is coming through, I hope instead that it is someone peeing all over your face.

This rant is not how I wish to portray myself but I have my limits and when I reach them, I have very little filter.

If R. Kelly had maybe done this to one or two women I could probably chalk it up to a bad judgment call and hope the women receive the vindication and compensation they deserve. It still wouldn’t make it acceptable nor forgivable, but at least it would make it believable.

But as this documentary goes on, the sheer number of women coming forward is mind-blowing. It’s truly unbelievable. They just keep coming and coming, and I’m beginning to wonder when the introduction of new stories will stop.

R. Kelly is a rabid dog that needs to be put down. It would be the humane thing to do. He’s sick and there’s no vaccination to neutralize that kind of disease.

I find it laughable at best, that he’s even trying to lobby for special treatment in the face of Covid-19. Instead, he should be left to ride this out just like we all have to. Except in his case, I hope nature takes its proper course.

R. Kelly’s requests for release have been denied. Karma can be a real bitch.

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