Men Are Like a Bag of Bits & Bites

Kristi Keller

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If someone asked what my favorite snacks are I’d have to answer with Bits & Bites…and men. Coincidentally, the comparisons between these two favorites are quite similar, some could even say compelling.

Men really are like Bits & Bites.

Let's take a deep dive into choosing our favorite snack (I’m talking about the men).

If you reach into a bag without looking you’ll pull out a mixed handful of treats. Some have more flavor than others, some are cheesy, some are spicy, some are a little on the sweet side.

Others are twisted and salty.

Just like Bits & Bites, men also come in random shapes, sizes, and colors, and each of us has our preferences. I’m thankful there are so many to choose from.

Our selection process begins with the foil bags on the grocery shelves. They provide some guidance toward our favorite flavors. In fact, the bags could compare to countries or regions.

For example, choosing a whole bag of barbecue flavor could be like choosing the dad-bods of suburban America.

Choosing a whole bag of cheese flavor could be a little more exotic, like Switzerland.

Choosing a lightly salted or plain bag is like choosing men from Canada.

Some bits are not as popular as others so they sink to the bottom of the bag, but if we dig far enough, eventually we find the ones that satisfy our cravings.

We can dump a whole bag of Bits & Bites into a party bowl and if five women pick from the same bowl, inevitably we find out that each of us favor different bits.

Hitting a bar or a party is like diving into a giant bowl of Bits & Bites. Scanning an entire collection of treats, the variety appears to be endless and we immediately go on a mission to dig for the ones we like.

It’s fun to figure out which of us women favor which bits and it’s a relief when we find that someone else loves the cheesy or sweet ones because it means the spicy ones are fair game for the picking.

God forbid when two women love the same bits though. The situation can turn a little ruthless because then it turns into a competition to see who can collect and devour them all.

If you’re the type who likes the salty, twisted ones you’ll definitely need a drink (or three) to wash them down.

And finally, when we settle in for a quiet Saturday night of Netflix and chill, it’s comforting to sit with a bag of treats and pick on our favorite bits all night. They provide excellent company and satisfaction while plowing through two seasons of Ozark.

At the end of the night we reseal the bag, stick it back in the cupboard and forget about the rejected bits. Eventually, they turn stale, sort of like the hopeful contacts in your phone that you never revisit but forget to delete.

We women should be forever grateful for the versatility and unlimited supply of Bits & Bites of the world.

Can you imagine if our only choice in life was plain potato chips?

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