The Twisted Insides of Loving a Bad Boy

Kristi Keller

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As a true purveyor of unpopular opinions, I would be slacking if I didn’t explore what could be considered reprehensible by most normal people.

Many women are lovers of the bad boy culture. The type of guy who’s had a few brushes with the law, or the guy who has no problem engaging in a brawl when he feels the pot needs stirring.

Your basic bad boy.

But is it really so crazy to think we could love the BAD, bad boys?

Mob wives and cartel wives have done it. Heck, even normal women have done it with certain celebrity status criminals. Look at Ted Bundy. He killed everyone BUT his wife and girlfriend, yet still had a cult following of adorning females.

In many cases, women who love the wicked aren’t even aware of who they’re sleeping with because this type of man would never harm his partner. He keeps his tendencies outside the home.

This means he does have the capability to behave normally under the right circumstances, so there’s a legitimate possibility we could fall in love with a nut job. We just wouldn’t know it.

After having watched shows like You and How To Get Away With Murder, it makes me wonder how I’d feel if I was madly in love with a man, only to find out after the fact that he’s capable of murder.

Can a person really just stop loving when they become aware of their partner’s devious behavior?

In such situations, I think the only thing that could end the relationship would be fear. If you become aware of his actions you’d be fearful because you know what he’s capable of.

But if you never became privy, you’d just keep on loving him the way you always have.

If we take into account all the unsolved murders and mysterious disappearances there’s got to be thousands of women out there who have no clue they’re sleeping with a killer. Right now, today.

Let’s take a look at the real BAD boy culture — the Frank Delfinos of society. If you don’t know Frank I dare you to watch “How To Get Away With Murder” and not fall in love with him.

Frank is a tall, charming, and clean-cut piece of masculinity with a force field of magnetism so strong you could almost touch it. It surrounds him like a delicious, cryptic halo.

He’s the type of man you’d trust to care for your toddler but when the babysitting job is done, he’ll casually go and snuff out anyone you ask him to on his way home the same evening.

Frank is loyal to a fault and loves you fiercely. You know he’d never inflict harm on those he loves and would do anything to protect them, even if “anything” includes wiping someone from the face of the earth, inconspicuously.

He’s sexy as hell, has a white-collar career, and he’s smart as a whip. This is how you know he’ll always get away with murder and make it look like an accident.

I know I’ve dreamed of having a Frank in my life a time or two. Not for his murderous expertise but for the heaping side dish of intense sexual and intellectual appeal, with a subtle lining of bad boy underneath.

I’d feel one hundred percent safe and secure around Frank.

If Frank isn’t your type maybe you’re into the more nerdy, less sexy Joe Goldbergs of society. If you don’t know Joe, take some time out to watch “You” on Netflix and try not to fall in love with him.

Joe just works in a book store, he’s not as highfaluting as Frank but still exudes a magnetism of his own. He can quote old literature like nobody’s business and reel you in with his love of the written word. That’s attractive to a particular genre of intellectual woman.

Joe is good looking and loves you the way you think you want to be loved. He loves with the intensity of an atom bomb. There’s no doubt you and Joe could last forever as long as you stay on his good side and commit for life.

There’s no turning back after you meet him though. You have to love Joe as much as he loves you, but is that so difficult to imagine if he’s loving you the way you want?

I didn’t think so after watching the series.

Plenty of women who’ve watched it hate Joe because they’ve experienced a muted version of him in real life. Joe isn’t as loyal as Frank because he will indeed harm you, even if he loves you. Actually, he’ll do it because he loves you.

Not every single man capable of heinous acts comes across as a nut job. Not all of them are nut jobs.

Look at Jason Bateman’s character, Marty Byrde in Ozark. He’s a pretty average dude who finds out exactly the kind of unscrupulous behavior he’s capable of when put to the test.

So now, when we ask the question, “Is it really so crazy to think we could love the wicked?” it doesn’t seem so far fetched to think we could, does it?

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