Athletes' Paychecks Are Disgusting

Kristi Keller

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The earnings of athletes are really none of my business but news media loves to make it everyone’s business.

Right now, today, I’m talking about Evander Kane and his $49M contract to play hockey with the San Jose Sharks. Yes, I said Million. 49 of them. And if the news reports are accurate that salary pays for him to work just 82 days in a typical hockey season.

“A typical season includes 82 regular season games. The current season has 56 games scheduled (due to Covid)” — Courtesy of

Let's be honest. I’d do just about anything for 82 days to get $49 Million.

Why am I talking about Evander Kane right now? Because he is currently filing for bankruptcy at the ripe old age of twenty-nine and he isn’t alone. If you Google it you’ll find a laundry list of professional athletes who earn unfathomable incomes and end up going broke.

This is as sickening as Hollywood celebrities who go broke. Especially when they flaunt their money as blatantly as Kane does.

Image courtesy of Evander Kane himself, on Twitter

How in the actual f**k do they do it?

I have always found the salaries of athletes in general to be insulting to the average citizen out here working actual jobs for minimum wage paychecks.

Athletes play games for a living. Monopoly is a game. If I specialize in that can I also please earn $49M?

Sure, athletes have to train and work hard. But so do nurses. So do scientists who are currently trying to save our planet. And so do single, working parents. Nobody works harder than them.

Hearing a tragic tale about athletes like Evander Kane, who spend $8000.00 per month on food alone, makes me feel about as sorry for him as I felt for Justin Bieber when he released the song, “Lonely.”

Bieber sings about how misunderstood he was as a misguided child celebrity, and now he’s lonely. Hell, I’d take lonely any day with a paycheck like he earns. I’m lonely anyway, might as well have the money too.

If Justin Bieber wants my sympathy he can start by yodeling a lot less in that song.

Evander Kane’s monthly income is reported to be just over $91,000 USD.

I’m sorry Mr. Kane, but I can’t sympathize. If you can’t manage three years worth of an average person’s salary in one month, I don’t feel sorry for you. Especially since that block of cash in your hand could probably pay off my car loan. And I drive a Hyundai.

Right now, during Covid, nobody wants to hear a sob story of a spoiled kid and his gambling debts when most people are out of a job. If he needs gambling addiction therapy, he can certainly afford it.

When I heard this bit of news I posted my opinion on Twitter. Someone responded that it’s probably taxes that got Kane into a rut. My response? If you behave like a normal human no amount of taxes on multi-millions should break you.

My problem with pro athletes is that their salaries don’t match what they actually contribute to mankind. They are game players. Yes, sport brings people together but it does nothing for the salvation of mankind.

Divide Evander Kane’s $49M by $30,000 and you’ve got 1633 people who aren’t worried about where their next ten-dollar meal is coming from.

There are real people with real problems out there.

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