Happy National Barbie Day - March 9

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March 9 is such a fun day. It’s National Barbie Day!


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Barbie made her debut in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York. This 11-inch doll has been delighting girls for so long that she is a staple in American culture. She was designed by the co-founder of Mattel Inc., Ruth Handler. Barbie is great for encouraging girls to pursue different careers and think about the future. She has done it all from being an astronaut to a doctor to a ballerina to a presidential candidate. By 1961, Handler had received a lot of pressure to give Barbie a boyfriend and Ken was created.

The Timeline of Barbie’s History

  • 1959

In 1959, Barbie made her debut at the New York Toy Fair. She wore a black and white swimsuit that many people are familiar with.

  • 1962

In 1962, just a year after her boyfriend, Ken, was created, Barbie got her first dream home.

  • 1968

In 1968, Barbie finally got a best friend with which to share her adventures and complaints about Ken. The Christie doll hit the market and was one of the very first black dolls.

  • 1984

A fashion partnership was formed between Barbie and Oscar de la Renta in 1984. A clothing line was specially designed for Barbie at this point.

  • 1992

Barbie set her sights on the presidency in 1992 when she ran as a candidate in the presidential election.

  • 2001

Finally in 2001, Barbie had her first feature-length movie. It was called, “Barbie and the Nutcracker.”

  • 2016

New body types for Barbie were finally introduced to meet the demand and break the original Barbie stereotype. The petite, tall and curvy body types earned Barbie a spot on the front cover of “Time” magazine.

Fun Activities to Enjoy on National Barbie Day

  • Play with Barbie!

Maybe it’s been years since you have enjoyed playing Barbies. If you feel so inclined, unpack your old collection and have some fun remembering what it was like to just play as a child. Take some time out to play Barbies with your kids if you have them or relatives and have some fun playing something different.

  • Get Barbie some new clothes.

If you break out your old Barbies, you may notice that she is in desperate need of a wardrobe upgrade. Check out the different styles on the Mattel website or Amazon and find some new outfits for your old Barbies to enjoy.

  • Throw on some Aqua.

The fun song, “Barbie Girl,” is a great soundtrack to National Barbie Day. Don’t worry, the lyrics will all come back to you. Have a blast singing and dancing along. Look up the music video on YouTube. You will not regret it.

Why National Barbie Day is so Great

  • Barbie inspiring girls to dream big dreams

Barbie has had over 150 different careers to help girls really see how many different possibilities there are out there. She is a great role model for girls and can inspire them to try out so many different careers. Barbie is fun to play with and girls can incorporate these careers into playtime as well.

  • Barbie is family-friendly.

Anyone can play Barbies and make up different stories and adventures. Ruth Handler actually created Barbie as a toy for her daughter, Barbie. Ken is named after her son.

  • Barbie sets trends!

Barbie is also a trend-setter. Mattel was the first company to actively gear commercials toward children. It helped for Barbie to become a success and opened up a new way for companies to advertise. Parents might not always be thrilled with these types of commercials, but kids will be inspired by seeing great toys and want them.

Barbie has been around so long that pretty much everyone has played with her at some point. From 150 different careers to different body types to Disney princesses, there is a Barbie for everyone no matter interest. Take the time and have some fun by playing Barbies today and remember what it was like to be a kid. Barbie can also inspire you to slow down today and take some extra time to play with your kids. Have fun and make up some new stories!

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