February 24 is Tortilla Chip Day

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February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day and there are many ways to celebrate. While they were initially just to use up leftover tortillas, tortilla chips have really become a popular staple in many snacks. You can eat them plain, make nachos or cover them in your favorite dip. There are many ways to take this plain chip to a whole new level. It is a great salty snack that just adds to the toppings that you pile on top of them. There are so many ways to use these versatile chips and there is no better day to do it! Grab a bag and get started.

History of National Tortilla Chip Day

  • The first documented tortilla chip.

In the 1940s, Rebecca Webb Carranza took rejected tortillas from the automated line where she worked and repurposed them.

  • 1994

In 1994, Carranza received recognition for her contribution to the food industry.

  • 2003

Texas got in on the action and declared the tortilla chip the official snack of the state.

  • 2010

Tortilla chips have grown so popular that they are outselling both hotdog and hamburger buns.

Ways to celebrate this National Tortilla Chip Day

  • Make your own.

You probably have never made your own tortilla chips, but it really is not that hard. All you really need to do is heat up some oil, cut the tortilla into triangles, fry them and then eat them. You can also get some great ones at the store, but there really is nothing like making your own fresh tortilla chips. Make sure to add salt to really get that chip taste before you eat them. With the oil, the salt should have no problems sticking.

  • Get some tortilla chips and your favorite dip.

A great way to celebrate is by eating some tortilla chips with your favorite dip or toppings. You can either make them like described above or you can buy some of your favorite ones from the store. Get some guacamole or salsa, dip and enjoy. You could also grab some taco dip. You can make some nachos with cheese and your favorite toppings as well. Whatever way you decide to eat your tortilla chips, there are many options out there. You could also try something completely new.

  • Have a party!

Tortilla chips are a staple when it comes to the perfect party food. Throw a party and invite over friends and family to enjoy an evening. You could encourage everyone to bring their favorite types of tortilla chips and dips. There are many to choose from and you and your guests can have fun trying them all. You could also have a party that highlights different nacho flavors. Have each person bring their favorite nacho toppings and have everyone try them. You could vote and find out who has the best combination of toppings for their nachos. No better day than today!

Why tortilla chips are awesome

  • They are great for socializing.

Tortilla chips are social. They are perfect for sharing with others or just to enjoy by yourself. They are versatile and great for parties.

  • Nachos are so good.

Tortilla chips are a great way to hold all of your favorite toppings. They are strong enough that you can pile multiple dips on top and be able to eat them comfortably. They only add to the experience and make these toppings even more fun to eat.

  • They are a sturdy vessel.

When you are eating salsa, guacamole or nacho toppings, you need a sturdy chip to do it. The tortilla chip is ideal for the job and helps you get these toppings from the plate to your stomach without much fuss. This type of chip complements all different kinds of flavors and textures.

Tortilla chips are great for so many different dips and toppings. They are also an ideal way to use up some older or extra tortillas. They are an ideal food to repurpose to reduce waste. Grab your friends and family and enjoy some today! They are also a fun staple in Mexican food, so it is a great day to head out to your favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoy some nachos as well.

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