Getting through 2020 One Baking Show at a Time

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2020 could be called, “the year we stayed home.” With all of the restrictions, precautions and closings, there weren’t many things to do. Outings were risky and unavailable in many cases. It was a complete shift of perspective and we found ourselves watching more TV than we had in the past.

Finding new and kid-friendly shows can be difficult. Watching kid shows all the time can also be taxing. In 2020, I really embraced the baking shows. These shows were a welcomed break and I could watch them with the kids.

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Benefits of Baking Shows

  • Family-friendly

Being able to watch baking shows with the kids has been a lot of fun. There is no swearing and the material is kid-appropriate. It is really helpful as a parent to get a break from the kid shows and watch something that is different. These shows helped break up all of the cartoons and gave us something different to watch.

  • Educational

I have learned a great deal from watching these baking shows. I do love to bake, so these tips have been helpful. Many bakers will line their pans with parchment paper to help cakes from sticking. Another helpful tip is that when you use fondant, you want to use powered sugar to keep it from sticking to your baking surface. When you work with other kinds of dough, you use flour.

Even though you are watching professional bakers in many of these shows, they still make mistakes. This makes me feel better about my baking mishaps. They are also interesting to watch because they are professionals. They come up with recipes on the spot and can work with difficult ingredients.

  • Entertaining

Baking shows are fun to watch. Who doesn’t love baked goods? It is fun to imagine how good most of these baked goods must taste. I enjoy watching them through the whole process of coming up with a recipe through the completed product.

  • Multiple episodes

Another great benefit of baking shows is that you have multiple episodes to watch. These episodes help get you through and kill some time. Movies are great, but binge-watching baking is so much more fun. Many episodes lead into each other and they make something new each time you watch.

  • Competition

These shows also show bakers competing against each other. They are working hard to gain advantages or save time and it is interesting to watch. Many times they get thrown an ingredient mid-bake and it is fun to see how they are able to think quickly and incorporate it into what they are already in the process of making.

They also share the story behind each baker, so it makes you want to root for your favorite. It helps you become invested in the show. You want someone to win money for baking the best. It is fun to watch people really put their best out there.

Hulu Baking Shows

  • Christmas Cookie Challenge

This Food Network show was a lot of fun to watch during the Christmas season. It gave me some great ideas for different cookies to bake and how to decorate them.

  • Kids Baking Championship

My daughter had a lot of fun watching this one. She enjoyed watching other kids bake and seeing what they came up with.

  • Different holiday baking championships

Food Network has a variety of different holiday-themed baking championships. These include Halloween, Holiday and Spring. I really enjoyed watching these as well.

  • Buddy vs. Duff

This is a fun show that pits two heavyweight bakers against each other in a variety of challenges. Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss and Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes are both highly skilled professional bakers. It was fun to see the tables turned and see what they produced.

  • Cupcake and Cake Wars

This show is also a lot of fun to watch and see what people are able to come up with.

  • Bakers vs. Fakers

This show presented something different than the others. In this one, the judges have to figure out which bakers are professionals and which are not.

Netflix Baking Shows

  • Sugar Rush and Sugar Rush Christmas

Each Sugar Rush show comes out with a winner at the end instead of it taking several episodes. The goals are to work quickly and produce high quality baked goods.

  • Nailed It!

This show is not my favorite, but it has its fun moments. It features people who cannot bake.

Disney +

  • Be Our Chef

Disney + does not have many cooking shows, but they do have one original one called Be Our Chef. This show features more than baked goods as contestants also cook entire meals. Families compete against each other.

YouTube Channels

  • Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies is a lot of fun to watch. She is funny, entertaining and informative. I really like watching her shows. She comes out with a new one about once a week.

  • Man About Cake

JJR of Man About Cake is highly skilled at what he does. Although he’s no longer adding new shows, there is an impressive log of them to watch. The dinosaur/volcano cake is my daughter’s favorite.

Baking Show Inspired Purchases

Watching all of these baking shows has been a great inspiration for me to bake more. I bought a few things that I saw on these shows to accomplish this.

  • Turntable

A turntable has been very helpful in icing cakes.

  • Piping bags and tips

I really enjoy the decorating aspect of making cakes and cookies. My own piping tips and bags help me make more unique cakes and designs than buying the pre-packaged frosting tubes.

  • Standing mixer

I currently only have a hand mixer, which is not great when it comes to certain kinds of baking. Because of these shows, I now want my own stand mixer.

  • Doll cake molds

Rosanna Pansino has made many different doll cakes on her channel. Her doll cake pans are in my wishlist as well.

If you are looking for something different to watch that is kid-friendly, check out some of the baking shows above. They definitely helped us get through 2020!


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