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Leading grocery store chain opens new location in Virginia

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A major grocery store chain recently opened another new supermarket location in Virginia. However, some customers have left critical reviews of the new grocery store location. Read on to learn more.
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On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, the popular grocery store chain Wegmans Food Market opened its newest Virginia supermarket location in Reston, according to local sources.

The new Wegmans grocery store is located at 11950 Hopper Street in Reston near Chase Bank.

While the new Wegmans grocery store will certainly be an invaluable asset to residents in the area, especially those who live within walking distance, some customers have already written critical reviews regarding parking logistics at this location.

For example, this is what one local shopper named Ji Jin had to say about the parking situation at the new Wegmans location in a recent Google review:

The parking situation is a nightmare. Obviously on opening day I would expect it to be busy, but why not open up more parking nearby? Why not direct traffic so that 10+ cars aren't looking for spots at the same time in that super tight, small garage?... We didn't get a chance to go in because we couldn't find parking.

You can read Ji Jin's full review here.

However, a representative of the store noted that there are two full levels of parking available in the garage and that there are often spots available on the second level.

So, if you are planning to stop by the new Wegmans store location on Hopper Street, you may want to try to plan your trip during off-peak hours if you want to park in the garage located under the store. You can also take advantage of the store's online ordering and delivery services.

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