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Beloved Pennsylvania grocery store set to close after 90 years

Kristen Walters

A well-liked local grocery store in Pennsylvania is no longer stocking its shelves. The owner plans to close the 90-year-old supermarket once all remaining inventory has been sold.

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After over nine decades in business, Donatelli's Italian Food Center in Bloomfield is set to close its doors.

The store's owner, Russell Donatelli, told local reporters that the shelves are not being restocked and that once the store is empty and all the inventory is sold in a week or two, the store on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh will be closed for good.

Donatelli's has been a staple of the Bloomfield community for generations since his grandfather opened the business in 1932. Its closure will be a significant loss for the neighborhood.

Donatelli says that he had hoped to find a buyer to keep the store open, but that plan did not work out, leaving him with no choice but to close the supermarket for good.

The owner said that he has been managing the grocery store on his own for the last few years, and it has been difficult. According to him, a grocery store of that size requires at least three people to manage the operations.

He also mentioned that the store struggled recently due to the pandemic's effects and inability to hire enough workers. These are common struggles that other businesses in the area are dealing with.

Regardless of what happens next with Donatelli's Italian Food Center building, it is clear that the end of an era is approaching for one of Pittsburgh's most iconic businesses.

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