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Pennsylvania waitress "shocked" by generous tip left by out-of-town patron

Kristen Walters

A waitress at a small restaurant in Pennsylvania got quite the surprise this week when a man from out-of-town left her a very generous tip.
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Being a waitress is not an easy job. You are on your feet for hours, running back and forth and dealing with sometimes difficult customers. But, you also have to be attentive to your customers, make sure their food is cooked the way they like it, and then give them their bill at the end of the meal.

And, of course, you rely on tips to help you make ends meet.

That's why Mariana Lambert from Alfredo's Pizza Cafe in Scranton, Pennsylvania was so surprised when one of her customers left her a $3,000 tip this week.

The generous tipper was a man named Eric Smith. According to sources, he lives out of town, but he's been traveling around the country, leaving huge tips as part of the 'Tips for Jesus' social media trend.

Mariana says she's been waiting tables since high school, and this is by far the biggest tip she's ever received. She says that the money will help her pay her bills. Tips like this are certainly appreciated by those who work hard daily to serve others and can be life-changing.

It's especially appreciated since the restaurant industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and other supply chain issues over the last couple of years. So many people in the food service industry rely on the generosity of others to make ends meet.

So, the next time you eat at a restaurant, consider taking some inspiration from this story and leaving a bit more than you usually would if you have the means. You'll make someone's day and maybe even make their life a little easier.

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