Pennsylvania grocery stores have stopped selling certain vegetables

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If you've had a difficult time finding certain vegetables in Pennsylvania grocery stores recently, you aren't imagining things.
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Many Pennsylvania grocery stores have temporarily stopped selling onions in the produce department because of concerns surrounding a recent listeria outbreak.

For example, multiple Wegmans locations have pulled the popular produce item which is commonly used in summer salads and to top burgers and hotdogs.

If you purchased onions in a Pennsylvania grocery store between June 23 and the 24th, you should check the PLU sticker on the item. The affected onions have the PLU numbers 4159 or 4156 printed on them and were sold by the pound.

If you are concerned about onions that you recently purchased, you should contact the store where they came from and ask if they are involved in the recall.

While many grocery stores do their best to remove potentially contaminated produce items, sometimes customers purchase the items before the store is alerted and has had time to remove the products from the shelves.

According to the CDC, the bacteria might not sicken you until days or weeks later if you've ingested food contaminated with listeria. Typically symptoms involve fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, or other stomach issues.

While most people are able to recover from listeriosis, it can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women, children, people over 65, or those with weakened immune systems.

Unfortunately, due to this potential contamination issue, local grocery stores are taking extra precautions by removing onions from the produce aisle.

Hopefully, a new supply will come in soon so we can all return to making our favorite summer recipes.

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