Texas lawmaker vows to draft legislation to prohibit kids from attending drag shows

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One Texas lawmaker has promised to introduce legislation prohibiting minors from attending drag shows and other similar events if it is passed into law.

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June is Pride Month, and communities across the country are celebrating by holding drag shows and drag queen story times at Pride events. However, not everyone feels that these types of events are appropriate for kids, including one Texas lawmaker who wants to make it illegal for minors to attend drag shows.

Texas Representative Bryan Slaton from District 2 put out a press release on June 6, 2022 to announce his intention to draft legislation that would "protect kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays" as soon as the next legislative session starts.

Drag shows are a popular form of entertainment that typically feature performers lip-syncing or dancing to popular songs. Drag queen story times are similar to traditional story times, but they are led by drag queens instead of librarians or teachers.

These events are sometimes geared towards children and families and are designed to allow people to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures.

However, it is clear not everyone feels that these events provide a positive experience for children. For example, Rep. Slaton believes these events "sexualize young children" and are therefore dangerous and inappropriate.

Rep. Slayton has also recently supported legislation that would allow parents who consent to allow their children to undergo gender reassignment procedures or treatments to be charged with "child abuse."

This has been a hotly debated issue for years now.

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