Pennsylvania residents baffled by "outrageous" additional charges on their utility bills this month

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Most Pennsylvania residents are used to seeing their gas utility bills decrease as temperatures rise in the spring and summer months. However, this is not the case for many customers who reported seeing "outrageous" additional charges on their gas utility bills last month.
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Imagine opening up your gas utility bill for May only to find that it is over four times higher than the previous month's bill. According to reports, that's exactly what is happening to many Pennsylvania residents.

If you've looked closely at your gas utility bill, you may have noticed a line item for "weather normalization adjustment." This charge is typically nominal, so most people don't give it a second thought. However, your gas company can adjust this amount at any time at their discretion.

Courtney DeMuth, a Pennsylvania resident, told reporters that her gas bill for last month was over $233. That's more than four times as much as it was last month.

The reason for the increase was not because DeMuth used more gas; it was because of the weather normalization adjustment that was tacked on to her bill by her gas utility company.

Another Pennsylvania resident, Elise Ridley, told reporters that her gas bill is usually around $27 a month for her tiny studio apartment this time of year. However, she received a bill for over $235.

At first, she thought it must be a mistake. But when she called her gas utility company, they confirmed that it was due to the weather normalization adjustment and that she was required to pay it.

This is undoubtedly leaving many Pennsylvania residents in a tough spot, especially those who live on fixed incomes and must budget their finances carefully.

According to reports, many Pennsylvania residents who have been affected by these weather normalization adjustments have questions about how the charge is calculated. Some have even asked their neighbors if they received similar charges, and they hadn't, even though they live in the same neighborhood.

It's understandable that many Pennsylvania residents are reporting that they are baffled by their utility bills this month.

Have you seen this type of charge on your gas utility bill?

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