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Columbus police officer celebrates pride month by sharing his story of working in law enforcement as an openly gay man

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In honor of this year's pride month, a Columbus police officer opens up about his experience as an openly gay man in law enforcement.
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For Pride Month, Columbus police officer Shawn Lutz talked about the importance of self-acceptance and how that led to him being openly gay in his position in law enforcement.

"I chose law enforcement because I felt like that was the greatest opportunity to have an impact," Lutz said.

As a six-and-a-half-year veteran of the Columbus Division of Police, Officer Lutz has seen firsthand how far the department has come in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. He hopes that being open about his sexuality can help break down barriers and build bridges of understanding and respect.

He noted that being gay has created unique challenges and opportunities for his career. However, he has also received a lot of support from his fellow officers.

Being an openly gay police officer can be challenging. Officers may not always be accepted by their colleagues and may face discrimination from the public. In addition, they may be assigned to less desirable duties or passed over for promotions.

However, there are also benefits to being an openly gay police officer. For example, officers can serve as role models for other LGBT people and help break down stereotypes.

Lutz says that Pride month is an important time for him to celebrate being openly gay in law enforcement because it helps show the community that there is diversity in the Columbus Division of Police.

In addition, he wants people to know it is possible to be openly gay and succeed in any career path they choose.

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