Pennsylvania restaurants report beer shortages as distributors struggle to hire delivery drivers

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The next time you visit a restaurant or bar in Pennsylvania, don't be surprised if your favorite beer is out of stock.
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The flow of beer to Pennsylvania's bars, taverns, and licensed restaurants is slowing as distributors are having problems finding enough drivers to make deliveries.

Ace Beer Distributors recently informed many bars, taverns, and restaurants in Pennsylvania that they were cutting back deliveries to only twice per month. According to reports, other beer distributors are expected to follow suit.

The problem is that many establishments don't have enough space to stock up for weeks at a time. So, when the beer runs out, restaurant and bar owners can only wait until the next shipment arrives, which could be days or even a week or more away.

To make matters worse, state laws prevent establishments from picking up their own supplies. Pennsylvania's strict regulations governing beer distribution mean that establishments are at the mercy of the distributors.

It appears that Pennsylvania's ongoing labor crisis is to blame, specifically regarding a lack of drivers.

While the state's unemployment rate is at a historic low, the number of people leaving the workforce for retirement or other reasons has created a shortage of workers in many industries, including beer and food deliveries.

The trucking industry has been particularly hard hit, as an estimated 60,000 driver positions are currently unfilled. This shortage is having a ripple effect throughout the economy, as businesses that rely on trucks to move their products are feeling the pinch.

This shortage comes when many restaurants and bars are struggling to stay afloat due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lack of beer not only hurts businesses financially but also deprives customers of one of the few pleasures they have been able to enjoy during these difficult times.

Have you noticed a shortage of your favorite beers recently?

Let us know what you've seen in your community in the comments below.

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