Rhode Island lawmakers approve bill legalizing marijuana for recreational use

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Earlier this week, Rhode Island lawmakers voted to legalize marijuana sales for recreational use. If the governor signs the bill into law, Rhode Island will become the 19th state in the US to decriminalize the sale and adult use of marijuana.

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Eighteen states have already passed laws making it legal for adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes. Now, Rhode Island may soon be added to that list.

Currently, marijuana has only been approved for medical purposes in Rhode Island but not for recreational use. However, earlier this week, Rhode Island lawmakers passed a bill to make recreational marijuana use legal for adults.

The last step in the process is for Rhode Island's governor to sign the bill into law.

Even though the bill passed both the House and Senate, not all Rhode Island lawmakers favored the bill.

Those who fought against legalizing marijuana for recreational use argued that there is currently "no reliable test for impaired drivers on marijuana," which would make it more difficult for police to make arrests for users who are driving under the influence of the substance.

Other lawmakers cautioned that legalizing the substance would allow residents to "smoke pot on public sidewalks" and in other public places, which would not be ideal for society.

Proponents of the bill noted that many Rhode Island residents were already traveling to other states where recreational marijuana was legal to obtain the substance. Therefore, it just makes sense to legalize it in-state, where tax money can be collected and benefit the people of Rhode Island.

What do you think?

Should the governor sign this bill into law, legalizing marijuana for recreational use?

Or do you think marijuana should remain legal for medical purposes only?

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