These Texas cities ranked poorly on list of "best places to live" in the US

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Six cities in Texas were ranked near the bottom of the latest U.S. News list of "Best Places to Live in the Nation." Read on to find out which Texas cities received poor "livability" ratings and why.
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Ever wonder how your city measures up to others in terms of liveability? That's the precise question that U.S. News & World Report seeks to answer each year.

It seems that this question has become even more intriguing to many US families as remote work has become more common, giving people more freedom to choose a location that is more affordable and offers a better quality of life.

The study took a look at the top 150 most populated cities throughout the United States. Each city was given a score from 0 to 10 based on various factors, including the cost of living, unemployment rates, crime, and education.

While no Texas cities made it to the last place on the list, several were ranked in the bottom third. Here are the Texas cities that didn't get high liveability scores based on the US News "Best Places to Live" list.

  • Killeen #108
  • Beaumont #109
  • El Paso #124
  • Corpus Christi #133
  • Brownsville #134
  • McAllen #138

McAllen, which received the lowest ranking of all of the Texas cities on the list, had an overall rating of 5.5 and a "desirability" score of 4.6, mainly due to an underperforming job market.

However, Austin received the highest place on the "Best Place to Live" list with an overall rank of #13 and a quality of life score of 6.6.

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