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Wisconsin man just ate his 32,944th McDonald's Big Mac, has no intention of stopping the habit

Kristen Walters

Could you imagine eating a McDonald's Big Mac every day for fifty years? Meet the Wisconsin man who did just that and recently celebrated eating nearly 33,000 of the fast-food burgers.
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If you are the type of person who likes a lot of variety in your diet, you'll have a hard time relating to this story.

Don Gorske has been eating Big Mac burgers from McDonald's nearly every day for the last fifty years. To date, he has eaten 32,944 burgers from the iconic fast-food chain, and he has no intention of stopping his habit any time soon.

Gorske ate his very first Big Mac at the McDonald's on Military Road in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1972, after purchasing his first car. During his first Mcdonald's experience, he chowed down three Big Mac burgers in a row for lunch.

Apparently, he enjoyed the burgers so much that he returned to that same Mcdonald's location two more times that day, eating nine Big Macs in total.

After discovering the fast-food delicacy, Gorske claims that he ate 265 Big Macs that same month, each accompanied by a Coca-Cola to wash it down but no fries. Gorske has kept up this practice nearly every day for the last fifty years.

According to his calculations, there were only eight days when he did not consume a McDonald's Big Mac over the past five decades. Of course, Gorske would know since he has kept every single sandwich receipt.

Gorske, who was featured in the documentary Super Size Me, claims that at 68 years of age, he has no known health issues.

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