Some Pennsylvania residents may have to pay 50 percent more to flush their toilets starting next week

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It seems that the cost of everything is going up for people who live in Pennsylvania, from electric utilities to flushing the toilet; nothing has been spared from recent price increases. Read on to find out which companies are raising sewage rates in Pennsylvania next week.
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Pennsylvania residents who get water and sewage services from Aqua Pennsylvania may see rate hikes as early as this week.

The rate for water is expected to increase by ten percent, while sewage and wastewater prices may see an increase of as much as fifty-one percent. That means it could cost you substantially more to flush your toilet or dispose of other types of wastewater when bathing or doing dishes.

While the exact rates have not yet been released to the public, it is expected that the company will release more information this week, with the possibility of the new rate hike going into effect by Thursday of this week.

The new rate hike is expected to affect nearly half a million households in Pennsylvania who use Aqua Pennsylvania water or sewage utilities.

According to the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC), the new rate hikes are less than Aqua Pennsylvania originally proposed. However, in order for utility companies in Pennsylvania to raise rates, those increases must first be approved by the PUC.

In this case, the approved increase was 29 percent less than Aqua Pennsylvania's original request. The stated need for the rate increase by the company was to make infrastructure improvements to the water and wastewater systems.

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