47-year-old Pennsylvania woman fakes death in Ukraine to get $750,000 insurance payout

Kristen Walters

Some people will do just about anything for money, including faking their own death. Luckily, these dramatic schemes rarely work out in their favor.

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According to reports, Oksana Olkesandrivna Brown took out a $750,000 life insurance policy in 2019. Then, in September of that year, she left the United States, making one stop in Istanbul, Turkey, before reaching her ultimate destination in Ukraine.

Brown's husband, Paul, and son, Anatoliy, remained in the US at their home in York Township, Pennsylvania.

In October 2019, Brown's husband made a report to the U.S. Department of State indicating that Brown had died of "poisoning by an unknown substance" while in Ukraine.

Brown's husband and son proceeded to file a claim for the $750,000 death benefit through Brown's life insurance policy.

In December 2019, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Justin Roberts was asked to drop a pending criminal case against Brown for making a false report to authorities involving misconduct by a police officer. As it turns out, in 2018, Brown had written a letter accusing a state trooper of touching her inappropriately. Her accusations were later determined to be false.

However, in May of 2020, Brown's former attorney told authorities that his client was, in fact, still alive.

Around this time, Brown showed up in person at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine to prove that she was still alive and requested to get her passport back.

She later flew back to the United States and was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport.

On Tuesday, Brown was formally charged in York Township District Court. At her arraignment, bail was set at $25,000.

Brown's husband and son have also been charged in the matter.

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