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House "hidden inside barn" recently listed for sale has Pennsylvania realtors puzzled

Kristen Walters

A home recently listed in Pennsylvania has many realtors and home buyers scratching their heads because of the strange way it was built.

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A listing on Realtor.com advertises a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a 5-car garage in Drums, Pennsylvania for $200,000. However, when you look at photos of the "home" all you see is what appears to be a barn.

Even though some people have converted barns into homes or "barndominiums" over the years, this situation is a little bit different.

In this case, whoever built the home decided to construct the house inside the barn. Or, a less likely, but still possible scenario is that the barn was built around the existing home.

In the details section of the property listing page it describes the home as "one-of-a-kind!" and "includes 2BR, 2BA home hidden inside barn area."

While it is not clear why someone would choose to build an an entire house, complete with windows, a formal living room, eat-in kitchen, and a recreational space, the internet is having a ball commenting on the unique property.

The property has been posted on a Facebook page called "Zillow Gone Wild" which highlights odd and unique properties for sale across the United States.

Some commenters believe that the house was built this way to get around building and zoning laws or to fool tax assessors. Others commented that they have seen other properties like this one with a home built inside of a barn in other parts of the country.

One thing is for sure, this is definitely a unique property.

Would you live in a house inside of a barn?

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