Amazon will no longer pay sick leave for COVID-19 but will pay $4,000 for employees to get abortions

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Amazon will no longer offer its employees paid sick leave if they contract COVID-19, but they will pay up to $4,000 to employees who have to travel to get an abortion.
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Amazon's latest employee "sick leave" policies have some people scratching their heads. According to an internal memo, Amazon recently informed its employees that it would no longer offer "paid sick leave" to employees who become ill due to COVID-19 infection.

Previously, the company would offer employees up to two weeks of paid time off if they were diagnosed with COVID-19. From now on, they will offer five days of "unpaid" time off to those to fall ill from the virus.

Additionally, Amazon will no longer excuse time off while waiting for COVID test results. Their rationale for this decision is that employees can now use rapid tests, which will let them know almost immediately if they are infected or not.

While Amazon is no longer willing to support employees whose lives have been impacted by a global pandemic by offering paid leave, they are willing to provide financial assistance to employees who are seeking abortions.

The company will pay up to $4,000 in travel expenses to any employee who cannot obtain an abortion within 100 miles of their home. This travel stipend also covers other "non-life-threatening" medical treatments such as oncology, substance abuse disorders, cellular gene therapies, and cardiology.

Amazon also offers employees up to $10,000 in travel reimbursements if they must see care for life-threatening issues.

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