Florida Governor warns "cost of living" will increase even more if Elon Musk moves Twitter's offices here

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Not everyone is excited about the possibility of Twitter moving its offices to Florida because it could make life a lot harder for residents who are already struggling financially.

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It's no secret that many Florida residents have been struggling with the recent cost of living increases throughout the state.

In recent months, prices of everything from food, fuel, and especially housing have gone sky-high, with some Florida residents reporting that their rent surged from $1700 to over $3500 a month.

Now, a new potential threat could push Florida's cost of living even higher: Twitter.

There have been rumors circulating the web that Elon Musk is considering moving Twitter's headquarters to Florida to take advantage of lower taxes. Currently, Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco.

However, it is no secret that Musk is not a fan of doing business in California. In a display of public protest, Musk moved his electric car company, Tesla, out of California and into Texas due to bureaucratic issues with California lawmakers and the fact that there were more affordable housing options available for his employees.

Musk's other two companies, SpaceX and The Boring Company, are also headquartered in Texas. Therefore it would make the most logical sense for Musk to relocate Twitter to the "Lone Star State."

While Florida's Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, seems to be encouraging Musk to relocate Twitter's headquarters to Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis does not share his positive sentiment.

At a recent press conference earlier this week, DeSantis said,

Welcoming the company into the state would result in a higher cost of living for the residents of the Sunshine State.

Essentially, bringing a large tech company like Twitter into Florida would further drive up housing costs at a time when many Florida residents are struggling to find housing that they can afford.

What do you think?

Do you agree with Governor DeSantis that bringing Twitter to Florida would further drive up the cost of housing?

Or, do you think it would help improve Florida's economy to bring in a large business like Twitter?

Share your opinion in the comments.

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