PA collects "record high" tax revenue, while lawmakers stall on Gov. Wolf's plan to send stimulus money to families

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Governor Wolf announced that the state just collected the "highest revenue" in history from Pennslyvania taxpayers. Yet, state lawmakers continue to stall when it comes to considering the Governor's plan to send a $2,000 check back to Pennsylvania families.
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The American Rescue Plan, passed by the Biden administration to help Americans recover from the global health emergency, has allocated more than $2 billion in federal aid to Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf recently proposed a plan to use $1.7 billion of the allocated federal funds to help Pennsylvania residents and small businesses who are struggling financially.

Part of the Governor's plan is to use part of those federal funds to send one-time payments of $2,000 to Pennsylvania households.

If the federal funds are not used within a specific timeframe, they will have to be sent back to the federal government and used for some other purpose that will likely not have a direct benefit to Pennsylvania taxpayers.

Governor Wolf has made several pleas to Pennsylvania lawmakers to "stop sitting on federal relief funds over the past couple of months."

The Governor recognizes that many Pennsylvanians are struggling financially from the residual effects of the global health crisis and rising inflation which has caused the prices of everything from food, housing, and fuel to spike in recent months.

So, in a year when Pennsylvania has collected "the highest revenue in history" from taxpayers, it's hard not to ask why lawmakers aren't willing to return some of that money back to the people who are paying their salaries with their tax dollars.

What do you think?

Should lawmakers stop sitting on federal money and give some of it back to Pennsylvanians?

Or do you think Pennsylvania lawmakers in Harrisburg are justified in holding on to the funds?

Share your opinion in the comments.

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