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Toddler slept outside on pavement while mother partied inside Florida nightclub

Kristen Walters

She could have hired a babysitter. Instead, this Florida mother is in trouble with the law after her 3-year-old child was found sleeping on a sidewalk while she allegedly partied at a nightclub.
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On Saturday night, authorities were called to an apartment complex in Fort Walton Beach because a 3-year-old child was found sleeping on the paved sidewalk outside the building at approximately 1 am.

It was later found that the child, who was wrapped in a blanket, belonged to Shyla Heidelberg, a 25-year old Florida woman. Authorities also discovered that Heidelberg had two other minor children who were home alone at the Choctaw Village Apartments in Fort Walton Beach.

The ages of the other two children were not disclosed to the media.

However, Heidelberg was nowhere to be found.

When Heidelberg returned to her apartment in the wee hours of the morning, authorities were there waiting for her.

According to investigators, Heidelberg admitted that she had "gone out to a nightclub" for approximately an hour and a half.

While most parents would call a babysitter or friend to supervise their children before enjoying a night out on the town, Heidelberg opted not to, instead leaving her young children to fend for themselves.

It is not clear how the 3-year-old ended up sleeping outside on a sidewalk, but someone should have been there to watch him. It is against the law in Florida to leave young children unsupervised.

Since the incident, Heidelberg has changed her story. She now claims that she wasn't partying at a nightclub and has witnesses who will vouch for her whereabouts.

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