Lawmakers want employers to pay overtime wages beyond 32 hours a week, but experts argue it will "kill jobs"

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As the "four-day" workweek gains popularity across the country, California lawmakers are considering passing a new law that would require certain employers to pay employees overtime for working more than 32 hours within a four-day time span.
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While the new "four-day" workweek trend was born out of the "Great Resignation," where a record high 3% of workers quit their jobs, some economic experts believe that it could cause more harm than good to the American economy.

For example, the California Chamber of Commerce recently spoke out against requiring employers to pay workers overtime wages for working more than 32 hours a week.

The country is already experiencing strained supply chain issues due to labor shortages and increased transportation costs. According to Assembly member Evan Low, a law like this "will not be sustainable for many businesses."

If employers cannot afford to pay wages prescribed by law, those businesses will cease to exist. Restrictive wage and labor laws, like the one proposed by the California legislature, can also deter new companies from coming to California.

They also make it more appealing for existing businesses to move out of the state to locations that are more accommodating to the financial realities of running a business.

While the proposed law would only apply to businesses with more than 500 employees, the question remains, "Is this a good move for California's economy?"

What do you think?

Are you in favor of laws that impose a four-day workweek and overtime wages for working more than 32 hours?

Or do you think the proposed law would do more harm than good?

Share your opinion in the comments.

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