Ohio ranked #8 on UFO sighting "hotspot list" according to new study

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While the existence of alien life continues to be hotly debated, thousands of people each year claim that they have witnessed UFOs or other strange encounters that lead them to believe that we are being visited or studied by extraterrestrial beings.

In a recent study by Outforia, Ohio was ranked number eight on the list of highest "UFO sightings" in the United States, with 4,110 reported occurrences since the 1950s. California topped the list with 15,072 reported sightings. North Dakota came in last on the list, with 264 extraterrestrial sightings reported.

For purposes of the study, the criteria for a UFO sighting consisted of "an unexplained bright light in the sky or fast-moving shape that couldn't possibly be an airplane or helicopter." The data for the study was compiled from the National UFO Reporting Center, which allows anyone to report suspicious sightings to be added to their database.

The most recent UFO sighting out of Ohio was reported on February 18, 2022, in Rutland, in Meigs County. An anonymous reporter claims that they saw an unidentified flying object hovering above a line of trees nearly their property.

The "UFO" object, which was described as "black in color" and "triangular-shaped," began moving slowly toward the reporter, approximately 60 or 70 feet above their head. According to the person making the report, the UFO made "almost no noise besides a slight humming sound" and had three yellow lights.

After researching the object online, the reporter claims that he confidently believes it was a "Tr3B Black Manta" spy plane.

Allegedly, this is not the first time that this individual has seen an unidentified flying object. He claims in his report that he also had an encounter with a similar aircraft in 2015.

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