$1100 rent increases make Florida apartments "unaffordable" to middle class

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The state of Florida is currently facing an unprecedented rental housing crisis, with many middle-class tenants discovering that they can no longer afford to stay in their homes.

A woman living in a three-bedroom apartment in Boynton Beach recently told reporters that she just got notice that her rent would be increasing from $2,790 to $3,900 per month. That's a $1,100 per month increase that the resident simply cannot afford even though she has a good-paying job.

An 80-year-old woman living in a one-bedroom rental in Palm Bay reported that her rent was increasing from $600 to $1,200 per month. Even though she has lived in the rental for many years, she now has to look for a new home since she will not be able to afford the increase on her fixed Social Security income.

Renters in St. Petersburg took to the streets today to protest rental rates that just went up more than $400 per month. Rental prices in Tampa have increased nearly 35% since 2020. So far, displaced residents don't have many solutions since rental rates across Florida are rising rapidly, making affordable housing increasingly difficult to find.

Earlier this month, Florida accepted $740 million in federal funding for emergency rental assistance relief programs. If you are having trouble finding affordable housing, you can go to ourflorida.com to find out if you qualify for rental assistance. OUR Florida also offers assistance for those having difficulty paying their utility bills.

While government rental assistance programs provide some short-term aid to low-income earners in need, most people in the middle class won't qualify for these programs. So, the question is, where will they go?

Have you been affected by the Florida rental crisis?

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