Police warn Vermont residents to be aware of "arrest warrant" phone scam hitting the state

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Last week the Chittenden Country Sheriff's office reported that they received multiple calls from concerned residents about a phone scam that is targeting individuals across the state.

Here's how the scam works:

The perpetrator of the scam calls and asks for you by name, which could mislead many people into thinking that the call is legitimate. The scammer then says that they are from the local Sheriff's office and that they are calling in regards to an outstanding arrest warrant.

These scammers will often ask for money in exchange for settling the alleged warrants. Often, the claim is that the alleged arrest warrant is related to an unpaid fine that can be satisfied by making the payment over the phone with a credit card. In other cases, they may ask for gift cards, checks, or bitcoin as payment.

The scammers may also threaten that someone will come to your home to arrest you within a certain period of time if the payment is not made.

While these calls can be frightening and upsetting to the residents who receive them, the Vermont police want residents to know that the police department will never ask for money to clear up an arrest warrant or fine, especially over the phone. That is a process that is handled through the court system.

If you receive a call like this, the Vermont police recommend that you hang up immediately. Do not provide any personal information or payments over the phone. You may report such incidents to local authorities if you are concerned about the calls.

Have you received a scam call like this?

Let us know about your experience or opinions in the comments.

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