Nationwide cat food shortages have owners and shelters worried

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The latest casualty of our nation's strained supply chain appears to be none other than cat food.

Cat owners from around the country have been posting images on social media like the one below for several weeks now, showing sparsely stocked shelves in the cat food aisle at their local pet store or supermarket.

A Connecticut woman described her struggle when trying to buy enough food to feed her four cats this week as "frustrating." According to her, the price of cat food online has skyrocketed, leaving her to race to her local grocery store at the beginning of the week when supplies have just been restocked in hopes of getting enough food to feed her furbabies. But unfortunately, if she waits until later in the week, most of the cat food is already gone.

A Florida man in Tampa comments that his cats were troubled and went on a "hunger strike" when instead of getting their regular "wet food," they were given "dry food" as a substitute due to shortages at the local pet supply stores. Apparently, pate and shredded varieties of canned cat food are the hardest to find right now.

Other cat owners have resorted to purchasing cat food online from Amazon and PetSmart. In addition, some online pet suppliers like Chewy offer a small discount for choosing to have specific items "auto-shipped" every few weeks based on a schedule that you set.

While the cat food shortage has proven frustrating for cat owners, shelters are also experiencing hardship from the recent supply chain challenges. Many shelters operate on tight budgets and limited resources. So when there is a strain on the supply chain or an increase in price for essential items like food, it magnifies the already-present challenges.

Have you noticed cat food shortages in your local pet supply stores or supermarkets?

In the comments, let us know what you've seen in your local area.

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