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First lady names Biden's new cat after Pennsylvania town

Kristen Walters

Gray tabby cat.Sandrololo/Pixabey (Canva Pro license.)

Today, the White House got a new furry addition to the presidential quarters -- Willow the cat.

The "First Cat" is a two-year-old gray and white tabby cat who now shares the Twitter account @TheOvalPawffice with the "First Dog," Commander, a lively German Shepard puppy.

According to a recent tweet on the "First Pets" Twitter page, First Lady Jill Biden named the cat "Willow" after Willow Grove, Pennsylvania where the cat was born.

Willow was a stray cat that previously lived on a farm in Willow Grove that President Biden stopped at during his Presidential election campaign in 2019. Willow Grove also happens to be Dr. Jill Biden's hometown.

The Bidens aren't the first presidential family to have cats in the White House.

George W. Bush had a black American Shorthair named "India." The Clintons adopted a cat named "Socks" while Bill was in the White House. The Regans had two cats, Cleo and Sara.

Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy, Calvin Coolidge, and Woodrow Wilson are all recent presidents who kept cats in the White House during their administration.

Hopefully, Willow will prove to be well behaved enough to keep her spot in the White House, unlike her predecessor, Major. Following the death of the Biden family dog Champ, they adopted Major, a rambunctious German Shepard, from a local shelter.

However, Major had some behavioral issues that were not becoming of a "First Dog." After several biting incidents, the Bidens decided to rehome him. We are all hoping that Willow adjusts to her new home in the White House.

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