5 Ways to Keep Your Creativity Flowing

Kristen Walters

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A lot of people find that they have a moment where their creativity seems to disappear. A lack of creativity can make work and life seem dull, but it doesn't have to be that way. The first step in keeping your creative juices flowing is to find your muse. For some people, their muse might be a certain field or type of art. For others, it could be an animal or person they admire.

The key here is finding what inspires you and then creating something based on those inspirations. This will eliminate any blockages that may have been hindering your creativity and allow new ideas to flow through easily. A lot of people think that creativity is something they are either born with or not. But in reality, creativity can be improved with effort and practice.

I've been an artist and creative all my life. So, I know the struggle of feeling like your creativity is blocked or you're not good enough because I have gone through it myself. But, what I learned was that if you don't give up on yourself, you won't ever give up on your art either. So, here are some tips for keeping your creativity flowing.

1. Find a creative hobby that you enjoy and do it regularly

Creativity is a vital part of being alive. It can be difficult to keep your creativity flowing when you're not in an environment that allows it. Sometimes in life, we all need to take a break. Whether it be from work or personal problems, sometimes our minds need time to let loose and express themselves creatively. 

We all know that creativity is an important aspect of life. It helps us explore new ideas and possibilities, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming or dry. However, there are many ways to have fun and be creative without even realizing it. The key is to find a creative hobby or activity that you truly enjoy.

Creativity is a skill that can be honed with time and practice. Therefore, it's important to exercise your creativity through hobbies or activities that you enjoy because that type of mental stimulation has been shown to make us happier, healthier, and more productive.

2. Take time out of your day to explore new things

In the fast-paced world we live in, creativity is often lost to our busy schedules. It’s easy to spend hours at a desk, staring into a computer screen, and losing sight of what really matters. However, to keep your creative juices flowing and explore new things, you need time away from work. Taking just two hours out of your day can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your job.

A creative mind needs to constantly be on the lookout for new things, people and experiences. There is a reason that some of the most acclaimed artists in history had a thirst for travel and exploration; it's because they knew that creativity was about more than just sitting at home. So if you want to keep your creativity flowing, make sure you're always looking outside of your own little bubble.

3. Create space for yourself by clearing clutter from your home or office

The clutter in your home is not just a nuisance; it also affects the creativity you need to keep your life flowing. A cluttered and overwhelming home can destroy one's creativity. How often do you find yourself feeling like you have no space to breathe? Are your eyes constantly drawn to the piles of mess that seem to be growing larger by the day? If this sounds like your life, it's time for a spring cleaning.

A tidy space is important, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. It's time to take a deep breath and start decluttering your space. When you clear the clutter from your home, you'll make more space for creativity to flow through your life.

4. Get rid of distractions so that you can focus on what is important to you

The world is filled with distractions. It's hard to focus on what you want to do because something else seems more interesting or pressing. You can't get anything done if you're constantly getting pulled in different directions all the time, so it's important to have some strategies for shutting out those distractions and keeping your creativity flowing.  

Answering emails, doing homework, and checking Facebook are also time-consuming and can really make it difficult to be creative. It's important to find ways of balancing out these distractions because creativity allows us to think outside of the box and develop new ideas.

5. Keep up with daily routines like exercise and cooking healthy meals

The importance of keeping up with daily routines is often overlooked. It's easy to forget the benefits, but maintaining a routine can help keep your creativity flowing and improve moods. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it difficult to get creative when they are too tired. The best way to fight this is by staying active and getting enough exercise. When you're physically drained, your brain doesn't have the resources it needs to develop new ideas or solutions. 

Getting your blood pumping every day makes you feel better and helps release endorphins, which make us happier and more creative. A recent study suggests that people who exercise daily are more creative than those who don't. This is likely due to the increased blood flow from exercising and because people feel more energized after physical activity.  

With so many things happening in our lives, it can be hard to keep up with a creative lifestyle. However, there are a few habits that you might not have considered yet that will help your creativity stay strong and flowing like the powerful river of ideas we know it is. Use these tips to keep your brain cells firing on all cylinders so that even when the going gets tough, you can continue creating something amazing.

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